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Project 22-2  The ABCs of Gratitude

Project 22-1  Praying for Ukraine

Project 21-5 –  10 Day Sketchnote Challenge

Project 21-4 – Heart Book

Project 21-3 – Colors of Love #100dayproject – Collective Challenge guidelines

Project 21-2 ICONOLOGY Doodle Book

iconolgy workbook

Project 21-1 – Word of the Year



Christmas Cookie Exchange

2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange

thanksgiving project

PRINTABLE:       thankfulproject20



Read-Pray-Sketch Printable


Doodle Library – here are some simple doodles to get you started and room for you to add more doodles. Doodle Inspirations – a doodle library


inktober template

Inktober Printable

ps 136
Ps 136Printable for Ps 136

List of verses to pray over your peeps

July Sketchnote Summer Camp Printable 

Summer Camp June Printable

sketchnote summer camp


Mother’s Day DIY GIft Box Printable

Kindness Printable

Kindness Sketchnote


April REMOTE Random Acts of Kindness Challenge



El Kanna Printable

Trading Card Challenge Printable

How to draw the Creation Icons

The Creation Story





Creation Icons All_0001

366 things to Draw





click on image for the PDF file

December 2019 files

  1. Supply list

Christmas Cookie Sketchnote Recipe Exchange Book

3. Just Tags

4. Wreath and Leaves Doodle Page

5. HO HO HO Christmas Card

6.  Ornament Template







Thanksgiving Printable

File: Thanksgiving Printable



Doodle Library – here’s some simple doodles to get you started and room for you to add more doodles. Doodle Inspirations – a doodle library