new members info
new members info

Thanks for joining Sketchnote Boss Facebook Group

Our mission here is to learn to use our own visual vocabulary and some basic doodling skills to worship the Lord and document our faith.

Every week in the facebook group we have a challenge that will strengthen our doodling skills and help us get into the Word with scribbles and doodles.

Getting Started

I am currently working on a Quickstart guide for new members. It will take you from scribbles to doing a doodle devotional in 7 days. It will be coming out soon so watch for more information.


The cool thing about Sketchnoting is that you don’t need a lot of supplies. We draw, and add a little color. We don’t elaborate sets of stamps or stencils. You can certainly use them, but they are not part of our basic gear. Here are a few supplies you might want to gather:

  1. Blank Sketchbook, Dot Grid book or Graph paper – please try to avoid lined paper – you will continue to write more and doodle and draw less. Here are some choices:

Blank sketchbook – Canson Mixed Media book 7 x 10

Dot Grid Journal – comes in an array of colors.

2. A black permanent pen. You just want to make sure that the pen is waterproof so the ink won’t run when you use a highlighter or water color. Here are a few pens that work really well:

Sharpie Pen

Micron Pens

Uniball Pens


3. Colors – color pencils, OR markers OR watercolors OR Highlighter.

Prismacolor Color Pencils



Starter Watercolor Set

water color brushes – starter set

fillable water color brushes

Pencil, eraser

Here are a few of our projects so far

We drew the icons for the creation story

The creation story

We learn to draw simple icons to use when we do sermon sketechnotes, bible study and doodle devotionals.

Thanksgiving Icons

Here’s an example of a Sermon Sketchnote

Elohim Sermon Sketchnote

Here’s a doodle devotional we did after our study of El Kanna – The Jealous God

Love doodle devo