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  • Sketchnote Boss 2020 Vision

    Sketchnote Boss 2020 Vision

    Here’s our vision for 2020 in how we are going to grow in the Word through Visual Faith. I know several of you are curious about our plans for 2020 and I realized that several of you might like to reorganize and get a new sketchbook to start the year off.  So I thought I…

  • Mother’s Day Totally Cool Printables

    Mother’s Day Totally Cool Printables

    Happy Mothers Day! I have been working on a cool doodle sheet for you to doodle and give to your mom. My Mother will be 89 next week. I am working on a unique birthday thing for her that I will share with you. It’s a personalized gift that you can give anyone and it’s…

  • Little Moments with God

    Little Moments with God

    …that moment when the sharpie maker rolls out of the dryer… So I’m finishing up the laundry getting ready to fold the last load when I  opened the dryer door, and out rolls this Sharpie marker….. the big bold kind of Sharpie marker. I know that you who do laundry out there are having a…

  • May Bullet Journal Spread

    May Bullet Journal Spread

    The May Bullet Journal Spread is now available May Spread Wo hoo! I have the May Bullet Journal Spread done and it’s not even May yet. My garden is beginning to bloom so I decided on a Garden theme for the month. I didn’t draw a lot of doodles on the pages as I drew…

  • Easter Printables x 2!

    Easter Printables x 2!

    Happy Easter Everyone! I thought I would do a post today to get Easter Week started. I have been inspired by paint chips. I think seeing all those lovely paint chips just sitting there in the hardware store is just a waste. I love color and love to use it in my work. The Easter…

  • April BUJO inspiration.

    April BUJO inspiration.

    Happy April. Are you all experiencing April Showers? What do you think about a May spread full of flower with a how to page to draw your own flowers? Please leave me a comment with what you think.

  • Visual Faith Ministries

    Visual Faith Ministries

      Last week I mentioned that I have joined up with Visual Faith Ministries. VFM is the brain child of Connie Denninger and Pat Meier. I have been following them for a bit and realized that VFM and I have the same mission – to  help people grow spiritually through visual expression. I have been…

  • February Bullet Journal Printable – updated

    February Bullet Journal Printable – updated

    PRINTABLE: Bujo Feb template (4) Be sure to set your printer for landscape and NOT portrait. Try setting your printer to flip along the short edge for correct printing. This works with my HP and my Brother printers PRINTABLE  NO UPSIDE DOWN PAGES: Bujo Feb template-A Here’s the same file formatted with everything being right side up.…