Mother’s Day Totally Cool Printables

Happy Mothers Day!

PS 31:28

I have been working on a cool doodle sheet for you to doodle and give to your mom. My Mother will be 89 next week. I am working on a unique birthday thing for her that I will share with you. It’s a personalized gift that you can give anyone and it’s pretty darn cool. Stay tuned for that!

Ideas for Mom

Before I get to the Printable. I personally always struggle as to what to get Mom. I brainstormed some ideas that would be simple things to do for mom on Mother’s day. 

  1. Flowers are always good, maybe get a bulb like tulips or hyacinths so they can be planted after they bloom.
  2.  Make her some freezer meals. 
  3.  Make her favorite dessert. 
  4. Take her to a movie. 
  5. Order take out and stay in watch a movie.
  6. Go to the Spa together
  7. Take a day trip somewhere just out of town. 
  8. Make her a cool brunch
  9. Find a class to take together. 
  10. Set up a scavenger hunt the whole family can do together. 
  11. Serve her High tea (and don’t forget those very cool little finger sandwiches)
  12. Pack a picnic in the park. 
  13.  Go antiquing or flea-marketing. 
  14. Help her tackle a project that she’s been putting off. 
  15. Go visit the local farmer’s market
  16.  Go on a Bike ride

Thanks to Success Resources for some cool ideas on my list. Here’s their post if you want more Mother’s Day ideas.

Proverbs 31 Printable

Today I thought I would convert my Proverbs 31 piece into a printable.

I love quilts and I incorporated a few quilt squares into the piece. You can use my doodled piece above as some inspiration. I have also put together a doodle inspiration sheet with pattern ideas.

Supplies Needed

Card Stock

Black permanent marker

Colors – color pencils or fine markers.

  1. Print out the piece on card-stock (heavy paper)
  2. Select a no more than 4 colors. or Stay in one or two color families. 
  3. Then doodle patterns in the spaces rather than coloring. It will create a much more interesting look. 
  4. Consider doodling your mom’s name into the piece. See if she finds it. 
  5. Frame it or not. Give it to Mom and give her a hug. 

Here are some bookmarks for the kids to color to give to Grandma. IMAGE

See you next week with a Birthday project.


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