…that moment when the sharpie maker rolls out of the dryer…

So I’m finishing up the laundry getting ready to fold the last load when I  opened the dryer door, and out rolls this Sharpie marker….. the big bold kind of Sharpie marker. I know that you who do laundry out there are having a that sick feeling in your stomach of what the load looks like. Is your best top ruined with random black marks?

BUT I am glad to report that THE CAP WAS STILL ON. Thank you Sharpie! I thought it was pretty miraculous that the cap stayed on in the washing machine AND the dryer. Then I had a bigger thought that it was total God thing.  I felt Him say, I’m here, where have you been all day? So I just stopped and had a moment of thankfulness that God who is the creator of all things and runs the universe is concerned about my laundry. He is always there for the little things in my life proving time and time again that He loves me and cares about me. He is concerned about all the things that are going on in my life. If I had not been listening, I probably would have just written off the capped Sharpie as a lucky break. But really there is no such thing as luck. God is in control of everything – even my laundry.

Journal Page Printable

I just felt so moved and thankful of that great reminder of how faithful He is in our lives that I wanted to do a journal page to capture all the little (and big) things He does in my life. I have created a printable for you to add to your journal or you can use it as a template to draw directly into your journal. Can you find 9 times where God showed up in your life this week? Look for the little places where He’s faithful; the times when you might think you were lucky. It wasn’t luck, it was God.



a blank journal page, or a blank piece of paper.

black permanent marker , color pencils optional

ruler, pencil, eraser

If you want to do your own page, and not use the template here’s the process:

Step 1 – Draw a line towards the top in pencil.

Step 2 using Block letters, write the title of your page. I used: Little Moments with God.

Step 3 Draw 9 shapes/boxes. You can use the ruler or draw larger shapes like below. Outline them with your black permanent marker.

Step 4. Begin completing you shapes with blessings. Be sure to write a brief description under the shape to describe the blessing and also list the date.

  • adding interest with dotted lines or little flowers will make a page you want to keep and refer back to time and time again.

Step 5 Put this in your journal for future reference when you’re not having the best days and also share it with your family. God wants us to remember all His blessings. Journaling prevents Spiritual Amnesia.

So far I have completed 4 boxes. Besides the Sharpie marker incident, I have been very concerned about finding my charger for my tablet. We are going on a trip and I need to take my tablet. I tore the house apart yesterday and today he told me where to look – and of course it was right there in a bag I haven’t used in a month. I am also thankful for the rain. It was a lovely rain last night. And finally (so far), my husband needed to get to Allentown PA yesterday to drive home with my son (totally excited he’s coming home!) The United flight was delayed out of St. Louis and he was going to miss is connecting flight. Pedro, the United guy re-routed RB so he was able to get to Allentown yesterday. That was a big thing and Pedro was awesome!

Share this at your next bible study

I’d be really interested to see your pages and where you saw God in your life this week. Why not print out this page and use it as an ice breaker activity to get the group started? Ask everyone to think about one little thing that went right. Figure out a way to draw something simple to represent that and then add it to the page. In the group, share that one thing. I guarantee it will get everyone in a positive frame of mind and get your Bible study off to a great start. Why not leave me a comment on how it went for your group?

Or if you’re not in a bible study, feel free to share this article with someone who wold be blessed with this printable.

I’m working on a printable for Mother’s day next week – stay tuned.



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