April BUJO inspiration.

Some of you might be seeing these images upside down. Stay tuned, I’m working on this. It’s a cray thing.

Happy April. Are you all experiencing April Showers? What do you think about a May spread full of flower with a how to page to draw your own flowers? Please leave me a comment with what you think.

If you haven’t printed off your April spread yet, you can get the printable here.

April BUJO cover

How I completed my spreads:

I know I don’t have April on the cover, but do you like the opportunity to doodle a whole verse? I used a little water color for the back ground, and then used color pencil and markers depending on the color I was looking for. Notice I drew in grass at the bottom. I just took took a green color pencil and started at the bottom and made upward strokes some going left and some going right all the way across the page. Start with a lighter color then do it again with a medium and darker green. Make the darker green not as dense as the previous two layers.

I used color pencil to color the flowers on the Month at a glance page. Do you like this format better? I tried to give you more room to write. For the big sun flower I used a little yellow and orange water color and then took a purple pencil to doodle the outside of the circle.

special pages April Bujo

On these specialty pages I used a combination of markers and color pencils. I used a green marker to outline the shopping page boxed and I used pink and purple markers to outline the hearts and color in the pencil on the notes page.

For the Easter page, I hope you will take time to document your day. Note your plans, take a picture of your meal and draw it. then journal about the day. You can note the kid’s reaction to the baskets (if you do baskets) or egg hunt. Or you can note what was memorable about the service this morning.

Become a gatherer of the little moments – so you can see how faith God is in every area of your life!

April Weekly Spreads

Weekly Spreads

Do you all like this weekly format or would you prefer the vertical format like last month. Am I leaving you enough room. Do you like the flowers in the middle of the page?

I water-colored the clouds so they would be light so you could note the things you have to get done for the week. I found some cool verse on rain and God’s faithfulness.

I hope you find my colored and doodled spreads a little bit of inspiration. Don’t forget to email or message me if you have ideas for the May, June and July Spread. I am shooting to have the May spread posted early in the last week of April. Do you like the May flowers idea? Do you want to learn how to draw flowers?

Next week I am going to show you a really cool way to make a visual prayer page or prayer card to pray for someone who is on your heart. We did this last week at the Hope Assembly in Caledonia Missouri. We had a great time drawing for the Lord.


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