Easter Printables x 2!

easter printable

Happy Easter Everyone! I thought I would do a post today to get Easter Week started. I have been inspired by paint chips. I think seeing all those lovely paint chips just sitting there in the hardware store is just a waste. I love color and love to use it in my work.

The Easter Project

I thought it would be great to give you several options for this project. I have provided you the outlined printable and the colored printable. Here’s some ideas on ways to use this project.


  1. Use this as a traceable for your Bible Journaling.
  2. Cut them out, doodle them and use them as bookmarks, you can note your weekly prayers on the back.
  3. Cut them out, doodle them and add them to your faith or prayer journal
  4. Doodle them and give them a gifts to let people know you’re thinking about them.


The project was designed to have the main ideas as negative space as I have done with the colored printable above. You can simply choose 6 colors and color in the background. You can choose colors in the same color family and color the darker colors at the bottom and work you way up to the lighter colors toward the top as you can see below. Or you can choose any color pallet you like. Another way to finish these would be to add a pattern to the background instead of a solid color. This will take more time, but that what doodling is all about. I used 6 different greens for Hosanna and then tried a white paint pen over 6 reds/pins for the middle. I decided to try a yellow background for the the last one using greens and blues for the patterns. There’s no one way to do this – anything you do will be amazing.

Doodle inspiration

You can see that my printable is a little different than the one you can print above. I found it really hard to doodle around the script for Hosanna so I changed the font to something more simple and then I removed the outline for the words on the other two as I found it hard to color those in. Hopefully this will be easier for you. I always learn a lot when I color in my printables!

Here are all the patterns I used for the printable above.

I hope you find my Easter Spread a helpful tool so you can have some awesome quiet time with the Lord and thank Him for Easter and that we can be with Him in Heaven for eternity.

I’d  love to see your finished work. You can post it on Facebook at Bible Journaling for Non Artists or at Visual Faith Ministries – Missouri.


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