Sketchnote Boss 2020 Vision

Here’s our vision for 2020 in how we are going to grow in the Word through Visual Faith.

2020 Vision for Sketchnote Boss and Blessinks

I know several of you are curious about our plans for 2020 and I realized that several of you might like to reorganize and get a new sketchbook to start the year off.  So I thought I would outline the plans for the year to sketchnote and stretch our visual thinking skills. I will share how I will organize my books, but if that doesn’t make sense to you, you should do what you know you will do.  The ultimate goal is being in the Word and learning to walk closer with Him. 


Back in November many of you completed a survey and I considered your answers in developing a plan for the year.  Overall you all seemed to like the 21-day Sketchnote Boss Challenge,  but you didn’t’ like the daily patterns. Some of you liked some of the non-bible based challenges like recipes and fact sheets and some of you didn’t like those at all.  I do admit that we have been more heavily weighted on skill development this past quarter, so I will have more bible, study/devotional posts in 2020. I really want to thank everyone for taking the time to complete the survey. Your comments were very helpful. 


Let’s start out with our purpose. We’re here to learn to use our visual skills to deepen our walk and our faith. Through Visual Faith, we can draw nearer to the Lord.   From time to time we also want to use our doodles to bless others, and maybe use it as an outreach. 

2020 FOCUS

In 2020 I am going to keep 

1. A Sermon Sketch notebook. I will post my sermon notes when I can and weekly I will post an element that I will encourage you to try to incorporate into your sermon notes that week. It might be a new font or a new style of container box or arrow. 
2. A Life Journal – this is where I document where I saw God’s gracious hand in our lives and I also write down my gratitudes and prayers. 

3.A doodle Library where I can add patterns, borders and Icons so they ‘re at the ready when I need inspiration. This is also where I will do any art challenges that we have.

4.Bible study or Devotionals.   – watch the video for more details, but I am confident that the Lord would like us to know Him better through knowing his Names.  I will be using the Names of God Bible which you can find on the Gateway Bible, and Rachel Larkin’s book: Delighting in the Names of God devotional study. It is not necessary to purchase this but you can get it on Amazon. I interviewed Rachel, you can watch that short interview here. (Disclaimer – this is my very first video ever). I also mention Elizabeth Chu who also brought the Names of God back to the forefront. You can find her blog here at Clearly Unique

5. Optional daily doodle.  I will post objects you can practice doodling in your planner to liven it up a bit. 

Supplies Needed

If you want a dot grid notebook, you can’t go wrong with a Moleskin or Liechstrum1917 journal but these journals are over $20.   There are several good journals that you can get for less. Michaels had a good dot grid journal for about $9 and Walmart’s Exceed brand is also good, but they can be hard it find if its not Back to School time.  If you have a book you really like please leave a comment and share your favorite notebook or sketchbook. 
When picking out a journal there are things that I look for: 

  1. Dot grid preferred over graph
  2. A ribbon for bookmarking (two is a bonus)
  3. An elastic band to keep the book closed – an elastic hairband also works
  4. a Good quality binding – so the book doesn’t separate on you with use. 
  5. numbered pages (you probably won’t find this unless you get the Moleskin or Leichstrum1917)
  6. A pocket in the back ((you probably won’t find this unless you get the Moleskin or Leichstrum1917)
  7. I like books with more pages rather than fewer. 

You will also need permanent ink markers colored pencils, highlighters or markers (make sure they do not bleed through the paper)


I actually have 5 notebooks I keep running. This would drive some of you crazy.   I use the Moleskin dated daily calendar to keep my to-dos and a doodle a day, An  8×8 Flexisketch book for my Life Journal and another one for my bible study, A half-size brown paper sketchbook for my sermon notes and a large 8 1/2 x 11 sketchbook for my doodle library. If you’re not obsessed with doodling I get keeping 5 notebooks might be a bit much. 
You can do the devos and the Study of the names of God in your bible if you Bible Journal. You might consider keeping your life journal in your planner.   The bottom line is to do what works best for you that is not going to cause you stress. Maybe you just want to use blank paper and keep it all in a binder. Do what you think you will use. I am not about spending money. Use what God had put in your hands. 

On Mondays, I plan to post the devotional/bible study(with a doodle challenge) and a Sketchnote tip on Fridays. I will post a pop-up post on Wednesdays.  I will also have Icon challenges but plan to shake them up a bit so doing one everyday doesn’t get old. 

So please join me in 2020 as we get to know the Lord on a deeper level and we get visual in our faith.  If you know someone who could use a jump start in their faith, bring them along on this journey.
Your homework for Monday is to make a list of your accomplishments for 2019.  


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