Gratitude Monday – Humility

gratitude rooted in humility

Here’s a page from Abundantly Blessed, my 52 week gratitude journal. Gratitude starts with humility. I think it would be nearly impossible to be arrogant and have a humble heart. Once we realize we are just stewards of all we have. That all we have is a gift from God and we can’t help but be humble. We didn’t earn any of things we own. Cultivating a humble heart is the first step in being grateful which allows us a new perspective on seeing all our blessings from God’s point of view. This quote from the book the Spirituality of Gratitude by Joshua Choonmin Kang. I love the word picture Pastor Kang created when he discussed how a heart of gratitude is rooted in humility.

Technique: I used my watered down green in a spray bottle and then used a black marker to doodle the tree and finished it with colored pencils.





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