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  • Sketchnoting with Flowers – Scavenger Hunt

    Sketchnoting with Flowers – Scavenger Hunt

    Flowers can add a great addition to any note-taking. They can symbolize something, they can make a great border or filler if you have some empty space. Learning to draw flowers can be quick with doodles or can take a bit of time if you want to do a BOTANICAL sketch or painting of flowers.…

  • Inktober 2018 Days 1-5

    Inktober 2018 Days 1-5

    Hello Everyone, Here’s day 1 through 5 for Inktober. I will be posting my week’s work on Fridays. You can see my daily progress on Instagram – @blessinks. Day 1 There are several verses about poison, but this verse jumped out at me. I was thinking poison ivy, since I am allergic. If I walk…

  • Doodle a Valentine’s Card

    Doodle a Valentine’s Card

      Hi everyone,  I thought I’d share a quick Valentine’s project for you or the kids. This was designed to be a card for a long envelope, but you can make it a bookmark, fridge art or frame it. At first glance these cards might look the same, but look closely at the backgrounds. I…

  • A Guest Post at My Happy Unconventional Life

    A Guest Post at My Happy Unconventional Life

    If you don’t know AlinaJoy at My Happy Unconventional Life. Check out my guest post on her blog. She’s got TONS of freebies available this week only. Go check out her site. Marsha   How To Get Started With Scripture Doodle Art

  • See you at Daybreak?

    See you at Daybreak?

    I’m leaving for Daybreak shortly. Are you attending? I hope to see you there! In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been all summer, I’ve been working on a new book – here it is:   A sneak peak at our project at Daybreak:  The ink is drying.

  • March Calendar

    March Calendar

    If you’re an email subscriber you can get your printable for the March 2017 Calendar here. If you’re not a subscriber, sign up today to get on the list. I promise I won’t email too often – weekly mostly. I like to share my quiet time doodles.

  • Count Your Blessings Day 30!

    Today document your last 4 gratitudes of memories. I decided to go back through my calendar this year and picked things that happened this year. We were blessed to go see Moses in the Sight and Sound theater in Branson, MO. I got to go to El Paso to see my brother; it was a…

  • Count Your Blessings Day 29

    Think back about 4 precious gifts you were given. There is no more precious gift that the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ, but today let’s focus on times when other people blessed you. What things do you treasure? My husband surprised with a beautiful set of pearls on the Valentine’s day after we were…

  • Count Your Blessings Day 28 -and Cyber Monday Coupon Code

      On my journal page I noted a time we had a flat tire, but today instead I think I’ll talk about this year. We supposed to go down home today, but my  son and I woke up with a bad tummy bug. I was very disappointed that we could not go down home to…

  • Count Your Blessings Day 27

    I wanted to give you the opportunity to list other things that may be dear to you, so here’s a free page to list 6 more things/people,/events  you might want to note. I listed: Overdrive the library phone app where I can download books on my phone. Thankful for a good heart and being relatively…