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Sketchnoting with Flowers – Scavenger Hunt

Flowers can add a great addition to any note-taking. They can symbolize something, they can make a great border or filler if you have some empty space. Learning to draw flowers can be quick with doodles or can take a bit of time if you want to do a BOTANICAL sketch or painting of flowers. The great thing about flowers is that you can do a scribble and put a stem on it and you’ll know it’s a flower.

In this post, I have done a ROUND UP of several very talented folks who draw flowers. You can consider following some of them. Learning to draw flowers is good for your brain and a great way to improve your sketchingnoting skills.

Be sure to check out my Instagram feed, @blessinks where I do my flower tutorials and related verses.

Check out some of the flower tutorials below and consider following them. Try doodling some flowers. Post them on Instagram using #snboss, and #howtodrawflowers. I am sure I missed some great artists who draw flowers, so feel free to leave their IG handle in the comments.

Tune in next week for more flower doodles.

Here’s the first post in our Flower Sketchnotes Series.

lily of the valley

How to draw flowers – Books

Floral line drawings – info doodles

Line Botanical Drawings – by Peggy Dean

100 Flowers and Plants – Melissa Washburn

Drawing Flowers in 5 Easy Steps – Marty Woods

How to draw flowers – Alisa Calder


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People to Follow on Instagram








YouTube Flower Tutorials

How to draw flowers

So you think you can’t draw flowers?

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How to draw soft flowers

12 easy flowers


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