Praying for Ukraine Part 5

how to sketchnote a recipe
How to sktechnote a recipe

This week, a month of Praying for Ukraine would not be complete without sketchnoting some recipes. Sketchnoting recipes is one of my favorite things to do. Taking a recipe that has been in the family for years is a great way to document your family’s heritage. It’s visually inviting to motivate you to make that dish. As we focus our prayers on Ukraine this month, let’s explore some of their traditional dishes. 
Ukraine’s independence day is August 24th. People in Ukraine celebrate the day with a traditional meal of Borscht and Varenyyky. Borscht is a soup with beets, meats, and veggies. Varenyky are stuffed pastries like perogies. I have completed these two recipes below.


Here are their links in case you care to see the full recipe. If anyone knows about Ukrainian food – are these recipes authentic? 





How to Sketchnote a Recipe

Here’s a video on how to sketchnote a recipe. It’s from a previous challenge, but I think you’ll find it helpful.

As you are sketchnoting your recipes, be sure to pray for all the people making meals tonight or people in need of a meal in Ukraine. 
What Ukrainian dishes will you find to skechnote? Post your recipes in the Sermon Sketchnote Boss Facebook group or on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #snboss, #prayingforukraine.
Baking Bread

Check out this article by Gideon Heugh and Rachael Adams from Tear Fund. They talk about praying while baking bread. Bread is a big part of the Ukrainian diet and we can make a loaf of bread and pray over it for Ukraine. 

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Let us know why you chose the recipe you sketchnoted and let us know too if you made the disk you sketchnoted. How was it?


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