Sketchnoting Prayers for Ukraine Pat 1

Mini prayer cards
Mini prayer cards

Please join me for the month of May as we use our sketchnote skills to create some visual cues as we pray for Ukraine. The conflict has been going on for more than 60 days and the news outlets are not covering it as often as we are losing interest.  However, the struggle for the people in Ukraine is real. People are hurting and they still need our prayers. Join me for the next 5 Mondays in doing an art/prayer challenge focusing on Ukraine

watercolor background
Create a water color background

Mini Prayer cards

in process
Mini Prayer cards in process

We’re starting our month with a creative challenge.  Let’s create a visual reminder to pray for Ukraine every day this month by making mini prayer cards.

Take a sheet of watercolor paper or card stock and divide it into sections. On this Watercolor paper, I have made 18 boxes 2” x 3”. I put a watercolor wash on the back and then drew 36 different Sunflowers. 

I decided to do 36 different Sunflowers on my cards. Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.  However, you might want to challenge yourself and find 30-36 Ukrainian patterns/motifs/birds/animals, trees/flowers, or names of cities to write on your cards. 

You can always use the sunflowers cards that are provided in this packet. Print them out on cardstock, and color them.

Challenge yourself to make at least 31 different cards.

Sunflower sketchnote

how to draw a sunflower
How to draw a sunflower

Ideas on how to use the cards:

You can either write a prayer on the back and use this as your daily prayer prompt.

Or we can make this project bigger by handing out your doodled cards asking your friends, acquaintances, and even strangers to use this card as a reminder to pray for the people in Ukraine every day in May.

To get a head start on next week identify 7 things you can pray for and write them on the back of 7 cards. We’ll finish the prayer list next week.

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Leave a comment about things that are on your heart to pray for below.

Join the Live Prayer Event May 17th at 8 pm

Reserve May 17th to join the Visual Faith Prayer team live at 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time for an hour of prayer for Ukraine. Click here for the event.


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2 responses to “Sketchnoting Prayers for Ukraine Pat 1”

  1. Linda Neely Avatar
    Linda Neely

    Thank you for sharing this idea. The situation for the Ukrainians has been heavy on my heart. I can’t begin to imagine the loss, heartbreak, and devastation the Ukrainian people are experiencing. It is a daily burden they carry & can’t escape. It disheartening that some Americans are tiring of it. We are blessed beyond our comprehension, which blinds us to the lives of others. I look forward to following along with this challenge. Thank you, Marsha, for using your platform for compassion & awareness.

    1. marsha Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your heart and joining us.

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