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Sketchnoting Prayers for Ukraine – Part 3

This week as we continue our Prayers for Ukraine I thought we might pray the map of Ukraine while we doodle and sketch on it. Ukraine is about the size of Alaska. It’s a big place; about 600,000 square miles.   Some of you are not into or have time to make daily cards.  

Source: Nationsonline

Here are some ways you can pray the map of Ukraine

  1. Divide the map into 6 vertical lines evenly spaced and then pray for one section every day this week.
  2. Or use the grid map in the handout and pray for a section each day. Doodle the section in while you’re praying. You can get the handout by signing up for my newsletter.  In the welcome email, there will be a link to the members-only page. Look for project 22-1 for the Praying for Ukraine handout.
  3. On another piece of paper, outline the country and then look up what resources are grown/farmed/manufactured in that region and draw an icon of that item on the region of the map.

Write each city noted on the map on a separate card, and pray to a different city each day. Here’s a list of the major cities in Ukraine:

  • Kyiv –
    • 3 million people
    • The capital
    • The 7th most populous city in Europe
  • Kharkiv
    • 1.4 million people
    • Former capital
    • Transportation hub\
    • Cultural center
  • Odessa
    • 1 million people
    • Shipping port
  • Dnipro
    • 950,000 people
    • Large metallurgical and machine-building centers
  • Donetsk
    • 900,000 people
    • Industrial city
  • Zaporizhzhya
    • 730,000 people
    • Industrial center
  • Lviv
    • 722,000 people
    • Cultural center
  • Kryvyi Rih
    • 613,000 people
    • Iron Ore basin
  • Mykolaiv
    • 482,000   people
    • Seaport
  • Mariupol
    • 436,000 people
    • Industrial  center

Here’s a link to Nations Online where you can learn more about Ukraine.

Source: World Atlas


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If you found another way to use the map to pray for Ukraine, leave a comment below


Here’s the link to Part 1 and Part 2 if you would like to read the entire series


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