2 Peter Chapter 3

10 Day Sermon Sketchnote Challenge – Day 2-3

Join us for our 10 day challenge to your first sermon sketchnotes.

Day 3

Today we looked at our simple sketchnote format where we write on 3/4 of the page and draw on 1/4. Here’s my offering. As you can see I didn’t follow my own directions to only draw in the right column, but fortunately, there are no Sketchnote Police so we can all do whatever works so the learning occurs.

2 Peter Chapter 3

Bullets and Numbers

Today we are practicing bullets and numbers to help us better organize our notes. Our brains like organization and follow along better when we see a hierarchy of bullets and numbers to follow. Notice above that I used leaves as my bullet points. Practice drawing out big bold numbers and creating fun bullet points for your next sermon notes.

Here’s a great example of big bold numbers I didn’t sketchnoting Amanda Plake Davis‘ sermon on Martha #teammartha. She did a great job, you should try to sketchnote her sermon. Here’s the link.

Tune in to Day 4 where we will learn about the 7 elements of drawing and we will also learn to draw arrows.

Here’s the link to Day 1 of the challenge.


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