World Sketchnote Day 2020

World Sketchnote Day

Come and join us in our celebration of World Sketchnote Day on January 11, 2020. Share your sketchnotes using the hashtags: #SNDay2020 and #sketechnoteboss.

As we start out our series of Sermon Sketchnotes, and given the date, I thought it only proper to start the series with a post about World Sketchnote Day, January 11th, which is tomorrow. Most of you probably didn’t even know such a thing existed, but it does.  Where did the term Sketchnote even come from?   Well buckle up and read on!

Mike Rohde: The Creator of the term Sketchnote

Mike Rohde coined the term Sketchnote.  He is the author of several books including The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook.   By day Mike is an interface and experience designer, and by night he is The Sketchnote Guy. You can check out Mike’s website at Rohde Designs. He speaks all over the world and is the host of the Sketchnote Army Podcast.  He interviews people who use sketchnotinig in their professions and personal lives. I am an avid listener to the podcast and always learn a lot. It is amazing to see how people in different professions use sketchnoting.   I have even had the privilege of attending one of Mike’s traveling workshops in Nashville.  It was an honor to meet him and learn how he approaches sketchnoting.   Mike is a Christian and often posts his sermon notes. He is a very kind and giving man. He is eager to share his knowledge and help others learn to sketchnote. 

Mike’s Sermon Sketchntoes

Mike takes a minimalist approach to sketchnoting. Here are some of his sermon sketchnotes that he has posted in the Sermon Sketchnote Facebook Group.  (I’ll do another post on the creator Raven and her awesome tribe.) 

Challenge 1 – Sketchnote Typeface

In the videos that come with the book, Mike talks about how he had to really slow down and learn to print well. Often our handwriting turns into scribbles and is hard to read later. Printing helps us clearly read what we wrote.   Mike has developed a very distinctive style and has created the Sketchnote Typeface Font.  For your Sermon Sketchnote Challenge this week, I challenge you to practice this font typeface and use it for the titles in your sermon notes this week.  

Notice that the letters are basic block letters with slightly rounded corners. The letters are made using a thin marker making one stroke and then going back and making a second line to make the letters thicker. But notice that there are gaps between these layers to create interesting letters with little white spaces between the letters.  Give it a try this week in your sermon notes. 

What is World Sketchnote Day?

World Sketchnote Day is a day that Mike Rohde and Maruo Toselli created in 2016 as a way to celebrate the art of sketchnoting. They want to create a community of Sketchnoters who can come together to share everyone’s sketchnotes together.   By seeing what other people are doing with their sketchnotes we can also learn and get ideas that we can incorporate into our own sketchnotes.  We can be encouraged by seeing other people’s work.  Using his podcasts/website, Sketchnote Army (#SketchnoteArmy) it creates a way to assemble many people’s sketchnotes into one place by using the hashtag #SketchnoteArmy. This year Mike is asking everyone to do a sketchnote and use the hashtag #SNDay2020. You can search Instragram and see everyone’s sketchnotes they posted for the day. What will you post?

Why is January 11th World Sketchnote Day?

I had to know why it was January 11th.  Mike said because it was the day that looked most like pencils. 1-11.

Challenge 2 – Participate in World Sketchnote Day

  • Share your photo, holding a sketchnote w/ hashtag #SNDay2020
  • Create a sketchnote about how sketchnoting has changed your life
  • Teach a favorite sketchnoting technique to your followers
  • Share your favorite sketchnote and tell us why you love it
  • Share your photo wearing a sketchnote t-shirt

Remember to tag your posts on social media or your own sites with #SNDay2020 and mention @SketchnoteArmy so we can add them to a Sketchnote Army post after the event ends.


I thought it would be appropriate to give away one of Mike’s books. So to enter post a sketchnote of anything using both hashtags #SNDay2020 and #sketechnoteboss. Share your post on your own feed on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. I will accumulate all the posts and draw a winner at random on Monday.

Happy Sketchnoting!


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  1. Renee Whitener Avatar
    Renee Whitener

    Had fun with this! Thank you for letting us know about World Sketchnote Day! Photo posted in FB group!

    #SNDay2020 #sketechnoteboss

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