The Creator

Names of God Sketchnoted Bible Study – Elohim

Our sketchnoted, illustrated bible study begins with Elohim, the first name of God we find in the bible. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.   

The Creator
Elohim, The Creator


As we start our study of the Names of God, we will start with Elohim. Elohim is the first name we encounter in the bible. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.   There are have been a lot of sermons based on just that one verse.  In just those 10 words God conveys a lot of information to us. It conveys that God was there in the beginning. He always was; He was never created. God has no beginning.  Also that God created the heavens and the earth from nothing. When we create, we need resources. God spoke creation into being with no tools or a storehouse of supplies. He made the universe from nothing. Elohim is the creator of all that is; every animal, every plant, every person. Everything comes from His hand. 

El is the oldest designation for God. El is the singular means, God. The Hebrews adopted the word El for God from the Canaanites, which refers to the true God. El is used more than 200 times in the bible.  Elohim is the plural form of El and it is used over 2500 times. It is not used to indicate that that Elohim is many gods but to “emphasize the majesty of one true God.” (Spangler, 2004). Although not definitive this is our first insight into the Trinity. 

What does ELOHIM mean?

 Elohim means. supreme one, mighty one.  Elohim conveys  God’s power and sovereignty. It also conveys the One who Creates. His name conveys that He is the Ultimate Intelligent Being. Rachel Larkin, in her book, Delighting in the Names of God,  points out that He must have all knowledge and intelligence to be able to create the universe and all the complex systems it contains. 

Pray Elohim

This week in your prayers, use the name Elohim instead of God. Only when we really get to know Elohim can we move towards a deeper relationship with him and come to the saving faith that God has to offer us. God, the Creator, created us. He has a perfect plan for our lives(Jer. 29:11) and we need to cultivate a deeper relationship with Him so He can reveal this plan to us. No matter what troubles that life has thrown our way when we remember that Elohim, Creator of the Universe created the world and everything in it, He was certainly able to help us through any trials or troubles that we have. Trust Him; spend some time with Him today. 

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CHALLENGE – Illustrate the Name Elohim

Your challenge today is to study and reflect upon the Name of Elohim, so you can get to know Him better. What does He reveal to you in the name of Elohim?  Illustrate His name.  Here I have illustrated Elohim as the creator of the universe, but you do not need to do the solar system if you feel led to go in a different direction. This piece is done in watercolor and ink pens.  You might just want to add the Nametag sketchnote doodle to your journal.   Steps: 

  1. I sketched out part of the solar system in pencil and planned where I would write the name Elohim. 
  2. If you are going to use watercolor tape down the paper on a table or hard surface so the paper does not buckle. I used blue painters tape, although frog tape or washi tape will also work. 
  3. Paint in stages.  I painted the blue background first and let it dry completely before I added color to the planets.   I went back and added color to the planets. 
  4. After the paint was completely dry I went back and wrote in Elohim with a brush pen because the brush pens are not waterproof. 
  5. Post your Name illustration to the Sketchnote Boss Facebook Group. 
  6. In case any of the detailed people want to know, yes I know I have the Earth in the wrong place – it should be the 3rd from the sun. Oops.

This is the first spread of my study of Elohim in my Faith Journal. I keep bible study notes in this journal. You could also keep your sermon notes in this as well. I used Watercolor and a permanent pen. The Elohim Nametag is a sticker I made and printed out.

Other verses to Sketchnote

Here are some other verses that use Elohim for consideration for your illustrated Bible study as you do your own bible study of Elohim. 

  • Is 41: 10   – Don’t be afraid, because I am with you. Don’t be intimidated; I am your Elohim.    I will strengthen you. I will help you.  I will support you with my victorious right hand.
  • Ps 7:1 – O Yahweh my Elohim, I have taken refuge in you.   Save me, and rescue me from all who are pursuing me.
  • Ps 20:5 –  We will joyfully sing about your victory.  We will wave our flags in the name of our Elohim.
  • Ps 42:1  As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O Elohim.
  • Ps 109:26  Help me, O Yahweh my Elohim,    Save me because of your mercy  

Next week as we continue the study of His name Elohim, we will explore the creation story in more depth. 

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