Sketchnote your 2020 Goals

After mind mapping your targets for 2020, use SMART goals to help you write goals that will keep you accountable.

Develop your goals

I know most of you can guess what this challenge is all about. Happy New Year!  Its January 1st, its time to map out a plan for 2020. If you missed the post to recap your 2019, click here.

God gives us everything we have. Our life, our bodies, our job, our money, and all our possessions. Everything we have is His. He can take it all away tomorrow.  We are entrusted with all this to use them to glorify Him.  Often we get possessive about our stuff and our time. We are given all these things as stewards. How are we going to use them this year to honor him? 

It’s time to make a plan. 

Source Sketchplanations.com

If you have never heard of a Mindmap? It’s a tool that was developed by Dr. Tony Buzan. You can watch his Ted Talk here. – this might be a great tool to use to develop your goals.  A mind map is an organized “brain dump” that actually flows as our brains think.  Most of us start with an outline which is very linear. Our brains tend to flow in a nonlinear fashion and mind maps tend to helps us think more thoroughly about a topic.  Try mind-mapping your goals this year. Here’s a quick video demonstrating how Mind Mapping works.

Be a good steward of your time

The Lord gives us everything we have, our life, our health, our jobs, our possessions and our TIME. Ps 24:1 says God owns the earth and everything in it.  We are just stewards of it all, our purpose on this earth is to use our time and treasure to glorify Him.  So throughout the year, we will explore this topic in more depth, but today we are focusing on how we are going to spend our time. Take time this week to develop a plan for 2020 to be the best steward of your time.

Everyone needs goals. They do not have to be big audacious goals, but everyone needs goals non-the-less. What is the assignment that God has given you? For me, I know I am here to help people deepen their faith through Visual Worship.  Therefore I put a lot of time into this blog and facebook group helping everyone strengthen their skills and using it for His glory.

A lot of my goals this year are to figure out how to be a better blogger and provide you the content that is going to help you the most.  You’ll be glad to know that improving my videos is top on the list!

So after you do your mindmap, then, begin to think about the things you want to change next year.  Start with the end goal and then develop a few action steps to help you meet your goal. 

Your goals should be SMART goals 

Saying I want to save money this year is just a wish. When you say I am going to save$1500 this year. I will start by depositing $60 a paycheck into my savings account at the credit union. (assuming a bi-weekly pay schedule) – that’s a goal!  It’s something you can easily measure and can assess if the goal is completed. Here’s an article you can read if you are not familiar with SMART goals from Dave Ramsey. 

I have a family member who loves to run and has set a goal of running 2020 miles next year. That works out to be 5.5 miles per day. Today on January 1 she ran three miles.  She’s not letting any dust settle on her goals. She’s now got 2017 miles to go!

And with this being the home of the Sketchnote Bosses we are not going to just write down our goals. Oh no!  We are going to sketchnote them!  So develop your goals and get them sketchnoted and post them. 

Areas for Possible Goals

  • Growing in your walk with the Lord
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Learning new things
  • What else?

Examples of goals you might want to uses as your format:

20 in 20

This format doodles 20 things you want to do in 2020. Just a word of caution. Although this is very cute, note that a of things on the list are tasks – like pet a llama. Not really a goal, but looks cute on paper.  If you like this format consider separating the goals from things you’d like to do (your bucket list). Focus on only 3 or 4 goals and the rest can be tasks. If you have too many goals you won’t get anything done.  This page is from Masha Plans. Masha blogs about bullet journaling and has totally cute doodles. 

Mind Map your goals

Here are my goals for 2020. I want to lose weight, reclaim my house, travel and focus on my blog. I have color-coded my goals in blue and secondary goals in yellow.

Bucket List

Bucket List

This bucket list is from Holding Moonbeams. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish and draw a little icon for each. Again I encourage you to keep your goals to 3 or 4 and then some of the items on the list can be action items to accomplish your goals.  For example, a personal goal is to lose 50 lbs.  One of my action items might be to walk 5,000 steps a day. That’s 1.5 miles per day or 500 miles per year.  Sad to say on Jan 2 I am already behind! 

Ok, now that you have been thinking about your goals and have been making notes and doodles it’s time to put them on paper and get them posted. Post them at our Facebook group: Sermon Sketchnote Boss


2 responses to “Sketchnote your 2020 Goals”

  1. Lori Bowser Avatar
    Lori Bowser

    Working on mine now. Thank you so much for the resources you sent me via e-mail. I don’t care much for the “pop” Christian books i.e. Joyce Myers, but Dave Ramsey is very good at what he does and is helpful and I have read many of his books so when I saw the SMART goals link in my email was from his website I knew immediately it would benefit me. I ended up printing out a goal worksheet he had a link fot and it helped me color code my map. Sketchnoting takes away so much emptiness I feel and fills in my day with creative thinking and keeps my hands busy. You will never know fully what your blog, email replies, and fb group have done for my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Marsha! ❤

    1. Lori
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Love you! Marsha

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