366 things to draw in 2020

366 Things to Draw in 2020

366 things to draw in 2020

Here’s a list of things to draw in 2020 to help you hone your doodling skills and make more icons.

I created a page called DAILY DRAWINGS so can find the list easily. You can also get the PDF by signing up for my newsletter. This will give you access to the weekly challenges and the Member’s only page (it’s all free).

This list is meant to be an inspiration for a quick doodle in your daily planner or where ever you want to doodle. No stress, just fun. Doodle when you can, but try to make it a daily habit. Improving your drawing/doodling skills will strengthen your visual vocabulary!

Be sure to post your stuff in the Sermon Sketchnote Facebook Group

366 things to draw in 2020

4 leaf clovercoffee beansinch wormsalt shaker
acorncoinsinvitationsand dollar
acrobatColored Eggsironing boardSandbox
advent wreathcometislandSandcastle
air planeconfettiJapansandwich
amarylliscorndogjelly beansSaturn
anchorcornucopiajelly fishsaw
angelsCow jumpscissors
animal ballooncrawlkabobscorpion
ant eatercrayonkey chainscrewdriver
antelopecrownkitchen timerScuba Diving
apple treecrutcheskitesea shell
aproncrystal ballknifesea spray
architectCup of Coffee knitting needlesSheep 
artichokecupcakelady bugshooting star
babydiamond ringlava lampSidewalk Chalk
baby monitordiaper Lawnmowersitting
backwardsdicelayer cakeskateboard
bacondirectors chairleaning tower Pisaskating
bad mittendiving boardlemonsled
balancednaleopardsleeping bag
ball point pendog tagsletter openersnorkel
ballerinadollar billlight bulbsnout
balloondolphinlightening snow shoes
bananadonutsLilysnow shovel
bandagedoublelipsticksoccer ball
barbelldragon fly locksolar system
base balldrilllunch boxspace ship
baseball batDust BroomMadagascarSpeed Boat
baseball mitear of cornmailspider web 
basketEaster basketmason jarspiral note book
bath tubEaster Breakfastmatchspool of thread
batteryegg  may polespoon
beachelementmedicine bottlestaple remover
Beach Ballelephantmicrophonestapler
Beach Towelfan mittensstar fish
bearded ladyfangsmoonstop light
bedfeathermoosestop sign
beefeetmosquitoStorm Clouds
beetlefine chinamountainStrawberries
Below Zero Fire Fliesmuffinsubmarine
belt bucklefire truckmustacheSunflower
binocularsfishing lurenecktieSunscreen
birdhousefishing netNoah’s arkSunset
birds nestFishing Poleoctopussushi
blanketflagoil lampsweater
blenderflamingoold keySwim Fins
bluebirdflashlightoniont shirt
board gameflip FlopsOwltable lamp
bonnetflowerpaisleytable setting
bookflower Potpalm leafTadpole
bouncefoot printpalm treetape dispenser
bow and arrowfootballpancaketarantula
box carfried chickenpaper clip tea bag
box of tissuesfrogpaper coffee cuptelescope
brainfrying panparasoltennis shoe
brazilgardenpartythree toed sloth
bricksGarden Hosepassportthrive
broccoliGas Canpenguinthumb tack
bunch of grapesGift Tag peztoast
burritogiraffepicket fenceTomatoes
butterglass of milkpickletop hat
butterflyglobepietoy robot
cabingoatplierstreasure chest
cakegold fishpockettreble clef
calculatorgourdpolka dots trumpet 
camelgraduationpom pomtulip
can openergrape vinepopcornturtle 
Canoeinggrave stone porcupineuniverse
catgravitypost it notevine
caterpillarGreen Beansprom dresswater jug
CDhair bowpumpkinwaterfall
cellohair cutpuppetWatering Can
chainshamburgerpyramidweather vane
chairhammerq tipwhale
chalicehand mixerrabbitwheelbarrow
cheese graterhelicopterRaftwindmill 
chickenHikingRain BootsWisk
Cinnamon Rolls horse shoeridingyear of the rat
city scapehouse boatroosteryield sign
clip boardice bergrubber duckyoyo
clippersice cream conerulerzig zag
clockice cubesrun 
cocoonigloosafety pin


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  1. Debbie Stertz Avatar
    Debbie Stertz

    I am not finding the 366 printable list. I have been following since you started on sketchnote on facebook and thought I was a member but just in case I did resubmit my info.

    1. Thanks for the question. There’s a menu item at the top called DAILY DRAWING and in every email I send I put the link to the Member’s only page. I just sent out an email so you should have the link.

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