2019 in Review

Sketchnote your 2019

2019 in Review

Recap your life in 2019 by sketchnoting the highlights of the year.

This week’s challenge is to recap your activities in 2019. What did you do? Did you have goals that you had written down? Can you quantify your accomplishments? Did you accomplish any significant goals or had a big life event?  What other things did you do?  What things have you tracked or can go back and track? What did you discover? Did you find a new favorite thing?

Make a list

Make a list of items of things you did in 2019. If you haven’t written down anything, don’t stress.   Go back and review your planner and make notes of things you did.  Look through your phone for pics. Look for patterns and make notes.  Somethings that you might want to recap might be:

  • Number of books read
  • Number of trips taken
  • Number of gratitudes written down
  • Number of states visited
  • What was the hardest thing you did?
  • Days you read your bible consecutively
  • What was the best thing you did?
  • Number of pounds lost
  • Number of meals you made for others
  • Number of times you got to see the grandkids
  • Number of ball games you attended for your kids
  • First experiences – ax throwing, a new food,
  • Learned a new language
  • Paid off debt
  • Saved money
  • A personal best – running goals, rode 100 miles in a day.
  • Number of exercise sessions
  • Number of miles run
  • A new skill learned
  • How many sketchnotes you did.

Sketchnote your year

Once you have made a list, it’s time to sketchnote it.  If you are just starting a life journal, this would be a great first page. Use a nice big title at the top and then for each item us a medium font. Put boxes around each item. You can do fun shapes like draw a book as your container for the number of books you’ve read. Add doodles or icons to each topic.  Once you have your list made you will be amazed and what you did and you can reflect on things you might want to do differently in 2020.

Try to keep everything on one page. Post it when you’re done. Be sure to use #sketchnoteboss on Instagram or just post it in the Sketchnoteboss Group. 


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