21 Day Sketchnote Challenge – Day 15

Happy Day 15!

Only 6 more days to go. You all are doing great, don’t worry that you might not be up to date. Just work at your own pace. The important thing is to finish. Keep posting even after our challenge is officially over. I am working on some doodles for Thanksgiving so stay tuned. I will post this on November 19th so you have time to plan and get any needed supplies. 

Today I threw a lot at you. You got to experiment with faces AND you get to put some of those icons you’ve been working on into practice. It might be a good ideas to draw these in the back of your notebook so you have a reference readily available when you need to sketch a face with an emotion.


I also provided you 6 verses to look up and then find an image to draw in the box that represents the verse. Try to do with minimal words. These two exercises may seem simple, but they will take a bit of thought.

Icons for verses


I just wanted to review the sketchnoting process with you for Sunday: 

  1. Arrive early and sketch in the title if you know it, the place, date, and speaker. 
  2. Use very big letters for your titles, large letters for subheadings and normal letters for any text you may want to write. 
  3. Make fun and large numbers and bullet points to outline the information
  4. Add container boxes to separate the information and arrows to connect thoughts. 
  5. Add icons as they make sense. 
  6. The biggest thing to remember is to keep your pen moving. 

Can’t wait to see your sermon notes!
Have a great weekend, 


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