21 Day Sketchnote Challenge – Day 14

Day 14

How’s the weather?

Today is a fun day. We’re starting with weather icons. It’s a small thing, but to add to weather to your daily calendar, sketchnotes or journal can help you remember and frame in the day. Here’s my page of weather icons. A  lot of the time you can start with a cloud and add something to show rain, wind, partly sunny, storming, snowing, lightning…. Weather icons are pretty simple, but they can have a big impact on your journal page.

Weather icons

And now we are going to tackle people – just stick figure icons – keep it simple. People look better if you give them a body – either a bean body or square body. With practice, you can change the perspective and get them moving. Remember you can always search on stick figure + running or the action you want to draw to get a little inspiration. Remember practice makes better. There are lots of rules and relationships of position or length of something. We are not concerned about making our people anatomically correct. We want to convey that we’re drawing a person and possibly an action. We’re not making art.

Can’t wait to see your stuff! Till tomorrow!



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