March Bullet Journal Inspiration

Happy Friday everyone, I have been doodling and coloring my March Bullet Journal Spread. I have pics below. I used colored pencil and really light water colors to give the spread a little color.

I just doodled. I found doing simple things like lines and circles make for fun images. You can see that everything is really simple. Give some of these ideas a try. It’s totally ok to copy ideas while you stretch your creative visual muscle.

Easy fun ideas to use to doodle in your March BuJo

more inspiration

How’s March going? I’m going to doodle the Lent circle spread so stay tuned and I’ll post progress next week. The idea is to doodle the circle while you’re thinking about the verse.

March Bujo – printable

I formatted the file two different ways so hopefully one of them works for your printer. If you want to print double sided check the setting to have it flip on the short edge and print landscape not pro.

 FILES for the Printable
File A seemed to work for most people last time. This is the revised file if you tried to print it on 3-1 – I had pages backwards.

File C has the pages in sequential order. So  this file should be printed on sided and then folded with the blank side out. Stack them on top of each other not inside of each other. Then to bind them possibly sew a really narrow them or glue them to the center of the cover page. Does that make sense?

Here is a list of the Supplies you’ll need:

5 sheets of paper – consider printing the first page on card stock. I actually printed all of my pages on card stock so it will hold up a little better on the go. -a black pen – preferably permanent ink-markers or colored pencils (optional)-binding material (stapler, or glue or sewing machine)

BindingI designed this to be printed double sided and bound in the middle. 

Binding options:

  1. Use an extended staple that will reach out 5 1/2 inches. 
  2. Use a sewing machine and run a quick seam down the middle, or you could a big darning needed and hand sew it. 
  3. CAREFULLY use teeny tiny drops of glue on inside fold to glue your pages together – be careful with this method

Next week I’ll share all about The Graceful Envelope Contest and we’ll have our own envelope contest.



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