Delighting in the Names of God

Interview with Rachel Larkin, Author

Hello everyone,

Please join me with my very first video with Rachel Larkin, Author of Desiring the Names of God, an 8 week Bible Study. I personally love to study the Names of God. The meanings of His names really speak to me and help me better understand what a Big Awesome God He is.

El Shaddai God Almightly

This is a page from my Names of God journal. I used the spelling from the Names of God Bible – El Shaddy rather than El Shaddai which I think we are more used to seeing. In my interview I talked about doing a Bible study where we illustrate the Names of God. Should we get together in St. Louis or should we do it online? Leave me a comment if you’d be interested in joining us.

Rachel will be featured at the Bible Study Expo on March 14th from 1-4pm Eastern Time. You can click here to join the Expo. The Expo will feature several authors who have written books for Bible study. Be sure to join us for a great time to learn about some great Bible Study materials that you might consider for your next Bible Study.

Show Notes

Precept upon Precept by Kay Arthur


Bible Study Expo.Com (March 14th 1-4 pm ET)

Names of God Bible


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  1. Bravo! Love these 2 ladies! This is a GREAT book!

    1. Aww! Thanks!

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