Count Your Blessings – Day 11 Happy Veterans Day


Happy Veterans Day! Do something nice for a veteran. If you don’t know  a vet then write a veteran. You can write to any solider at Operation Gratitude here:

We have a friend overseas so we’ll be sending  care package.

Count Your Blessings – day 11

My spiritual gift is service, to that makes it hard for me to accept help from others. I have to stop and humble myself to accept a meal or other help when I know I can do it. When my oldest son was sick when he was 7, our church really ministered to us; the head kidney doctor came in at 10:30 at night to assess Dan when we transferred to Cardinal Glennon. My sister-in-law that lived with was just an unending source of support. Sometimes it’s the small things that are just kindnesses. And I wanted to lift up first responders. I’ve set my stove on fire more than once. The fire department was quick to respond and they didn’t laugh at me either. It was hard to limit my list to just three. How about you?

Here’s the printable: cyb11

And  You can go to get the previous printables here.

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