Count Your Blessings Day 12



I love music, it moves my soul; I especially love worship music. This was a very hard choice as I have lots of song I love for one reason or another; narrowing it down to two was tough. However you can use the opposite page and write down more songs and add more gratitudes to your list.

I am thankful that the Lord blessed the writers to write these songs and I am thankful that I live in a place where these songs can be played daily. The two songs I choose were The Alpha and the Omega, – I especially like the version by the Gaithers. I learned this song in Girl Scout camp having no idea what it meant. Now that I know , it’s even more precious to me. I love DC Talk, and my favorite song of theirs is You Consume Me – this is my prayer that He consumes me and all my worldly wants go away.

What are your favorite song?

Here’s the printable for today. cyb12

And  You can go to get the previous printables here.

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