Loved: A Doodle Devotional

Loved A Doodle Devo  Cover.1

I excited to announce my new devotional journal: Loved:  a Doodle Devotional. I love being in The Word, but I am not a good and consistent with journaling. I am not likely to take the time to write pages and pages. However when I added a sketchbook to my quite time, my time with the Lord came alive! Doodling a verse is the process of adding an art element to the journal page. I found when I took more time to reflect on a verse it was much more meaningful to me. I thought I might not be the only person that was stuck in their quiet time, so I wrote Loved. I have illustrated 24 verses that are just waiting for your doodles to finish the page. The journal also contains instructions on how to doodle and lots of doodling ideas. Love: a Doodle Devotional is available at the Blessinks Store The regular price is $13.95, but it’s on sale for $12.00 through October 16, 2013


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