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  • Inktober 2021

    Inktober 2021

    Let’s strengthen our visual thinking skills and get into the Word in a little different way by taking on the Inktober 2021 doodle challenge. Relate each word to a bible verse and then illustrate the verse. My Inktober Process Welcome to October. It’s time for the Inktober 2021 challenge. I find it hard to sit…

  • Inktober with 2 Twists

    Inktober with 2 Twists

    This post introduces the October Challenge of doing the Official Inktober 2020 Challenge with 2 Twists. The challenge is to draw a word from the list each day. But the two twists that we are going to add: 1. relate the word to a bible verse 2. And practice your block lettering skills by writing…