Inktober wtih 2 twits

Inktober with 2 Twists

This post introduces the October Challenge of doing the Official Inktober 2020 Challenge with 2 Twists. The challenge is to draw a word from the list each day. But the two twists that we are going to add: 1. relate the word to a bible verse 2. And practice your block lettering skills by writing out the verse and writing out the word in a bold title. Use #sermonsketchnoteboss and #inktober2020 when posting your challenges. Can’t wait to see what you all do.

Inktober wtih 2 twits

You can get the Inktober printable at by signing up for the newsletter – this will give you access to the Member’s only page. The Inktober with two Twists printable is available on the Member’s Only Page. The printable contains the Official Inktober word list and I have also provided you three pages of different block lettering styles, practice pages and templates for all 31 days of the Inktober with a twist challenge.


Inktober Supplies:

  1. The Inktober with a twist printable – contains word list, practice pages for lettering and templates for all 31 days of the Inktober challenge.

2. a black pen (pencil eraser optional)

3. Official Inktober list – (printed above and included in the Inktober With Two Twists Printable)

The Challenge

Inktober 2020

The straight Inktober Challenge is to draw a word each day on the Official Inktober 2020 list. But we are going to add two twists to the challenge.

Twist 1 is to relate the word to a bible verse. The exact word might not be in the bible – #4 Radio would be an example that would not be in the bible. But think about how we can relate Radio to something in the bible. What does a radio do? It’s a way to communicate. So maybe finding a verse about shouting or talking or hearing for God might be good places to start looking for ways to connect Radio to a bible verse.

Twist 2 is to practice your lettering skills by writing the word in a bold font and then printing out the verse in a basic block font. You will be amazed at how daily practice will improve your lettering skills.


inktober 2020

This challenge is about honing your sketchnoting skills of developing icons, practicing your letter AND stretching your creativity. There are no rules – often times the exact word will not be in the Bible, but can you relate the word to a similar word or theme? You also do not have to do this everyday – do it as you have time, or maybe just doing it once a week.

You can get as creative as you like.

Consider getting creative with the font you use for the word. Is there a clever way to draw the word and through the font, you can create to the feeling of the word? See how I did disgusting in the video?


2 responses to “Inktober with 2 Twists”

  1. Chantal Melendez Avatar
    Chantal Melendez

    This is really cool. This is what I decided to do this year except I changed a few of the words like wisp into Spirit. I would love to swap info, would love to see what you did!!

    1. I’d love to see your Inktober. Where Can I see it?

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