Marsha Bakers Bio Page

Hi, I’m Marsha Baker. Thanks for taking time time to visit my blog and finding out a little bit more about me. I hope you like the art on this site. I have been called to illustrate The Word. I have been doing art for over 25 years, but have recently been called to do this full time. As you can see I love typography and the doodle, and bringing in visual elements hopefully to allow the viewer to connect with The Word on a deeper level. It is my desire to draw people closer to Christ.

I have been a Christian for over 25 years. I am abundantly blessed to be married to the fabulous Mr. Baker. I am mom of the Three Fabulous Baker Boys who bless me every day. I love Jesus as my Savior and am always thirsty for The Word.

I appreciate your support in purchasing my art. A percent of every sale goes to support missions.

If you’re a ministry or church and you need special work, please contact me. I am called to specifically support you, so lets talk and see how we can further the Kingdom together.