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Recap your year with a Sketchnote

 The challenge this week is to recap your year. What did you do with your time? What did you accomplish? What did you enjoy (or not)? And what events occurred?  When I worked in Corporate America one thing that was required was to recap my accomplishments for the year to highlight the goals that were accomplished, the ones still in process and finally discuss the things that did not go so well.  This is an important function for everyone. Time is the only commodity that we cannot make any more of and is in limited supply. What did we do with our gift of time? 

2022 goal recap

Being good stewards of our time

 If stewardship is an unfamiliar term, consider that God is the owner of everything (Ps 24:1) and He entrusts us with resources to use to manage for ourselves and to bless others (Matthew 25:16-18). Haly Ministries has a great article on stewardship.  Being a good steward relates to time as well. How are we spending our time? Are we using our talents and blessing others? Or are we binge-watching Dancing with the Stars?   For me this year, although I am the first to admit that I am not as productive as I could be. I must admit that recapping my activities showed that I was busy. We took 4 lovely trips, and I am closer to the finish line with school. And I getting my D.B.A. in Accounting (Doctor of Business Administration. If you think you are ever too old to go back to school, you’re not.

School is taking most of my time. I took 7 classes where I wrote 61 papers which equated to 589 pages or 146,900 words.  I am not a fast writer so those papers took a bit of time for me to accomplish. In addition, I taught 17 (online) courses and listened to 97 books.  I was a little sad that I only posted 7 blog posts last year. Hopefully this year, I can dedicate more time to blogging.  So I challenge you to Recap your year. It will help you remember important events and assess what things when well and what things need to be reassessed in your planning for next year.  Next week we’re going to Sketchnote our goals.   

recap last year

How to recap your year in a Sketchnote


  • Paper or journal  -If you don’t keep a journal to practice your sketch notes in, this would be a great time to start, and recapping your year would make a great first page.  
  • Pencil, eraser
  • Black pen – preferably a permanent ink pen
  • Colors – high lighters or colored pencils.

Getting Started 

  1. Make a list of things you want to capture from last year. 
  2. Lightly divide the page into boxes for your items.
  3. Put the year prominently on the page. Put it in a box, a circle, or a banner.

What to include

 Include the things that were most meaningful and memorable.

Where did you see God’s and His faithfulness? I especially felt His gracious hand upon our family as we put Dad in hospice and we said goodbye. I felt covered in prayer, people reached out and I knew we were supported.

Consider events, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, graduation, weddings, and funerals.  

Did you go on vacation, get out of debt, learn a new skill, or move?

Make new friends, experience a change in your job? At Church?


Looking toward 2023

Tune in next week when we’ll sketchnote our goals.

References: How to Be a Good Steward of your time. (2020). Holy Ministries Prophetic voice.


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