how to illustrate a recipe

How to Sketchnote a Recipe

In this post, we learned how to sketchnote a recipe. A sketchnoted recipe makes a special gift during the holidays or for the bride-to-be at her wedding shower.

Sketchnoting a recipe is a great way to practice your sketchnoting skills and create a keepsake that people will treasure your work for years to come.

How to sketchnote a Recipe

how to illustrate a recipe
Sketchnoting a Recipe

Choosing a Recipe

When choosing a recipe to sketchnote, choose a simple recipe with a maximum of 6 ingredients and 6 process steps. Less would be even better, especially if this is your first sketechnoted recipe.

Choose a recipe that is special – Grandma’s Best Apple Pie or Uncle Bret’s BBQ Wings. When you sketchnote special recipes, they will be treasured for years to come.

Don’t choose a recipe that isn’t special or you have not prepared. It will be frustrating to know you put a lot of time into sketchnoting a recipe that you don’t even like or will ever make again.


skerchnote frames

Once you decide on the recipe, decide on the lettering for the title, frames, bullet points, and icons that you are going to use. Practice these before you start sketchnoting. You will notice that on Joan’s recipe I jused ornaments for bullet points and put the numbers in big circles so it is easy to follow the flow of the process of making the Sausage Bites.

You will probably want to do your sketchnote on index stock paper.

In video I used the Pigma Sensi #10 pen and the Uniball Signo white pen. These are two pens I use A LOT. I’ve added links in case you want to grab them.

Deciding on the Layout

The are two simple ways to sketchnote a recipe and in the video I demonstrate both ways. You can use the layout of a traditional recipe by listing the ingredients separate from the process. Or you can combine the ingredients and the process together. Also be sure to leave space to draw the finished dish somewhere on the paper.

In Joan’s Easy Cheesy Sausage Bites, I illustrated here recipe separating the ingredients from the process. I added little ornaments to the title to show it was a Christmas recipe and added ornaments as my bullet points for each ingredient. I used bold circles and numbers to easily show the flow of the process.

Sketchnote Recipe

In Lorraine’s recipe I decided to show process and combining the ingredients and process together. I showed the flow by using arrows to show the reader where to look next. Be sure to sign each of your recipes at the bottom.

Sketchnote Recipe

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas Cookie Exchange

We are accepting sketchnoted recipes through December 16th, 2020 for the 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie (recipe) exchange. Email your sketchnoted recipe to blessinks {@} live dot com.

Scan your recipe instead of taking a pic. The pictures tend to come out grey. Cam Scanner is a scanner great app on your phone.

The 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie (Recipe) Exchange will be available by December 20th, if not sooner. Here’s the link to last year’s post and the PDF is still available on the Member’s only page.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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  1. Since I have subscribed to your YouTube channel, I know where to go look for your videos. Thank you for recording your Zoom meeting. I do appreciate it. I was thinking since you are adding in other recipes than cookies to your Sketchnote cookbook, you could call it Sketchnote Appetizers, Brunch or Snack Cookbook. Just a thought!

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