Visual Prayer

The Guide to Visual Prayer Part 3

In this post we will explore more visual prayer cards by doing a card for a single person or doing one verse to pray over many people.

Supplies needed for this post

Index cards

Black pen – Bold – Pigma Sensei or the Faber Castel 1.5, Thin – Sharpie Pen

Pencil, eraser,

Colors – markers, water colors

Washi tape – optional

One verse for many people

This week we are going to look at another version of the prayer card.  We are going to take a singular focus. We can do this in two ways. We can choose one verse and pray it over several people. You of course can do this any way you want, but one way to do it is to write the verse in the middle of the card and then write the names of each person you are praying over around the edge of the card.  I would probably keep this card in my prayer cards and note how God answered prayers for those people.

In the card below I prayed two verses over all these amazing ladies that I know. I prayed: Ps 138:8 The will accomplish what concern us, His love is everlasting and Nehemiah 2:14 – that they feel the gracious hand of the Lord in their lives today. I didn’t have a lot of time to doodle so I used some fun washi tape to jazz up the card a bit.

Visual Prayer

Focusing on one Person

visual prayer
Marsha Visual Prayer

You can be sure to know that when I got this card in the mail from Pat Meier (co-counder of Visual Faith Ministries). I was wowed and blessed and generally gob-smacked. She totally blessed me and you can also be sure that I will keep this card forever.

So if you really want to bless someone is do make a prayer card for them and GIVE it to them.  In my experience, I have found that people are really touched when they see the time and effort you took to pray for someone. 

When I make a prayer card, I write their name in big letters on the card and write a few verses around their name. I write a personal note on the back. and mailed these cards or just given the cards directly to people.  I love blessing people with these cards.

visual prayer
Ron prayer card
visual prayer
Hadley prayer card

On this card I looked up the meaning of Hadley which means a field of heather and then I drew some heather as my visual element.

Here’s another variation

Visual Prayer
verse within a name

I decided to write the verse in the person’s name for this variation of the single person prayer card. Here’s my process: 

  1. Starting with a 5 x 7 index card I draw a line at the top and bottom about  3/4″ from the edge. I need about 3″ to write a name with 5 or 6 letters. If the name you are doing is longer you will probably need to make the letters less than 3″ tall so you can get it all in. I then centered the name – watch the video for instructions on how to do this. 
  2. I write the name out in pencil first 
  3. Then on the straight lines, I begin writing the verse. I don’t worry about the spacing of words. If I run out of room, I just continue the word on the next letter. 
  4. After the verse is complete I fill in the rest of the letter with a marker. I make bold lines with my Sharpie pen or I use a fatter marker to finish the letters. 
  5.  Then you can finish the card with a doodle border or washi tape. In the example below for Patricia, I used a mister with ink in it to give it a little color. 
visual prayer
Verse in prayer card with an ink spritz

What to Pray for people

List of verses to pray over your peeps.

When people have issues, it is often easy to find a verse if someone is sick or grieving, but sometimes you don’t know what to pray for.  Here’s a list of verses to pray for.  You can download the PDF by  Member’s only page. You can access the Member’s only page by signing up for the newsletter to the left.

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  1. Kellie Sifton Avatar
    Kellie Sifton

    I love the individual person’s prayer cards. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed this series.

    1. Thanks, I’m expanding it I think,. I had a crazy idea I’m working on for next week!

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