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The Guide to Visual Prayers Part 2

In this post we continue our study on visual prayer and we are going to learn how to do the the Stained Glass Prayer Card.

The Stained Glass Card

Visual Prayer 2

Stained Glass has been a big part of the visual history of the church. The churches began using stained glass around 950 in Europe. Many of these stained glass windows depicted stories from the bible. Most people could not read and the printing press had not yet been invented so people learned through pictures. The pictures in the stained glass taught people the stories from the bible.

Using this concept in our prayer cards is a great way to get the rumblings in our brains on paper. This type of prayer card is in effect a “brain dump” of all the things on your mind. You can jot down people or things that are weighing on your brain. Getting them on paper is a great way to acknowledge them and begin to address these concerns. After we write them out, we can then pray about each one of them while we doodle.

How to Doodle a Stained Glass Card

visual prayer

Supplies needed

Index card ( I like to use the 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 size) or just a sheet of paper.

Black pen

Markers or water color

Washi Tape optional

The Process

  1. Draw a circle or square in the middle of your card.
  2. Then draw lines from the center of that shape outward to the edges of the card.
  3. Fill in the other spaces with the name of people of things that are weighing on your mind. If you can’t think of something for every box, you can doodle patterns in the boxes.
  4. Once you have noted all the peoples and things you want to pray for, the go back and color and doodle around the names while you are paying for this person or thing. The process of doodling slows you down and gives you time to really pray.
  5. Don’t have a lot of time? Washi tape is a great way to add some color if you don’t have a lot of time. Below I did a prayer card for some of the ladies in my life using washi tape to create spaces to write their names.

This is a really simple process, but it’s very effective to help you slow down, focus on what’s important and giving you time to reflect.

Since these prayer cards have many subjects, I tend not to give these away, but keep them in my journal or prayer box to look at later. On the back I make notes of how God answered these prayers. The process of documenting our faith is so important. God is so faithful and if we don’t write things down we tend to forget His constant faithfulness in our lives. We don’t want to have spiritual amnesia and forget all that He has done for us.

Here’s the link to previous posts in this series so you can absorb every drop of prayer card goodness.

Visual Prayer


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  1. Here’s my coloring sheet for church based on your stained glass window prayer card =

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