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Sketchnote Summer Camp Recipe Challenge

In this post we will learn how to choose a recipe to sketchnote and how to sketchnote a recipe.

Recipes naturally lend themselves to sketchnoting. The recipes generally contain ingredients, tools and appliances that can be sketchnoted.   Sketchnoting a recipe can really bless someone or preserve a cherished family recipe.  Another way to use them is to skethnote a recipe and make copies for people coming to an event like a bridal or baby shower.   Sketchnoting a recipe is a great way to use your sketchnoting  skills to bless someone else.  

Here’s my list of items to consider when sketchnoting a recipe. 

  1. Choose a recipe that has a limited list of ingredients. Our goal is to draw every ingredient, but if the list is too long it will be hard to draw each item. 
  2. Choose a recipe that has a limited set of instructions.  A recipe with a really long list of instructions might not fit on one page. Our goal is to keep the recipe to one page so it’s easy to copy and refer back to. 
  3. Choose a recipe that can be easy to render in watercolor, markers or color pencils. 

The Process


  • Before you start, practice drawing the finished recipe and the ingredient list in your sketchbook.  Practice makes better, so the more you practice the better your images will look.


  • Organize the recipe into sections that makes it easy for the eye to organize. Create a large notable title, add a section for prep time, bake time and number of servings. Add a section for ingredients and another for the procedures. Optional areas could be a section for nutrition information and a section for miscellaneous facts that support your recipe. Be sure to leave room to draw a large picture of the dish. 
  • Layout these areas by drawing boxes on the page lightly in pencil.


  • Once you are satisfied that you have a good layout that is visually balanced, begin letting the recipe.  Use a permanent pen and print the words rather than writing them out in script.  This will make it easy to read. Draw guidelines in pencil if you have a lot of writing to do to give yourself a guide to keep your letters on a straight line. 
  • Start with the title and layout the letters. Here’s a post on how to center your text. 
  • Next letter the ingredients list.  Draw an icon for as many items is possible on the ingredient list. 
  • Write out the instructions leaving room to draw images when it makes sense. Maybe you want to draw a mixing bowl, or a clock if the recipe calls for overnight processing.
  • Complete any other writing you want to add. 
  • Draw the finished dish.
  • Add color to the images. 


  • Don’t forget to sign and date your sketchnote. 
  • Copy, post and share your new creation. 

I’d love to hear your stories on how your shared a recipe or how you blessed someone with your awesome talents. Leave a comment or post your Summer recipe in the Sketchnote Boss Facebook group.

Till next week, when we go to the beach! We will be live July 17th at 2 pm in the Sketchnote Boss Facebook group. We will learn to draw beach things and we will doodle a verse.

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