July Sketchnote Summer Camp

Just a quick post to introduce the July activities for Sketchnote Summer camp.

July Summer Camp

July Sketchnote Summer Camp Printable available

The July Summer camp printable is now available on the Member’s Page. You can access the printable by signing up for the newsletter (to the right). The link to the Member’s page is always in the weekly emails.

To print the July pages you will need 5 sheets of paper; preferably on card stock. For supplies you will need:

black pen

makers or water color

a 6′ x 6″ of colored paper and a piece of chalk

And to bind the Sketchnote Summer Camp Packet you will need a hole punch and ribbon or a stapler. Or you can have it bound at the office supply store.

Challenge 7 – A reflection

Challenge 7 on page 14 is a place to reflect on the summer or a particular day. Write just short paragraph about your reflection and then doodle around the paragraph. I decided to write about one day where I just felt the Lord’s presence all day. This is an important challenge because if we don’t write down these precious moments we will forget. The Lord wants us to document our faith.

Find a day where you say the hand of the Lord in your life and write about it. Here’s my day. I got to garden all day and it was a perfect 75-degree day all day. I was just thankful for the time to garden and am always amazed at the beautiful flowers He made for us.

You can get the printable on the member’s only page – which you can access by signing up for the newsletter if you have not already done so.

Stay tuned for another installment next week with directions on how to complete the next challenge.

For previous challenges click here.


One response to “July Sketchnote Summer Camp”

  1. Denise Cahill Avatar
    Denise Cahill

    Thank you for your goodness in providing Sketchnote Sumer Camp!! I did find the pages and prints lat night! You are such a BLESSING!!! Today is the anniversary of my husband’s passing; which I so thought would get easier!! I think this year has been hardest as I miss his communication with me, his BEAR HUGS ?, and most of all his leadership/Companionship!! I love ♥️ Him so much!!
    He always brought me roses ? on special days and God today allowed 62 roses ? ? to bloom in front of our house❣️❣️ That is how old I will be in fall!!
    I have a Great God ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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