The 100 Day Project – Iconology Days 32-37

Here’s week 5 of the #the100DayProject. I am increasing my visual vocabulary by drawing a set of icons a day. It is been a challenge to come up with new icon ideas daily. I base some of them on weird holidays.

Day 32 – Monsters are a great icon to have in your visual vocabulary you can draw them for fear or scary things.

Day 33 – Drawing things Under the Sea.

Day 34 – Mothers Day Icons. You can tune in to our FB live recording to learn to draw flowers and Mother’s day icons here.

Day 35 – Spuds are my love language. There’s even a Spud Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho where a lot of our potatoes come from. The potatoes like the volcanic soil. It’s a fun museum, if you’re in the area, goi visit. They even have potato ice cream in the snack shop.

Day 36 – Flames – You’d be surprised how many times one draws flames while sketchnoting – Be the light, birthday candles….

Day 37 – I love kites and wish I had time to color this page in, but I still have 63 more days of icons to do!

Stay tuned for more icons next week. Here’s a link to last week’s icons. Leave a comment if you have ideas of something I should draw.

Tune in next week for more daily Icons. Also, we’re having a FB Live event on Friday, May 22nd at 2 pm CT in the Sketchnote Boss Facebook Group. Hope to see you there.


Sea icons
Mothers day icons
Spud icons
Flame icons
Kite icons


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