Earth Day Icons

#the100DayProject ICONOLOGY – Day 10-16

This post displays my icons for #the100DayProject fro Days 10-16. I am challenging myself to draw icons daily to improve my visual vocabulary. Having icons at the ready will improve my sketchnoting skills.

If you’re curious about the 100 Day project check out my previous post here. Here are my icons for the second week with short comments.

Icons Lawns
Lawn Icons

I love Spring and all the things that go with it – Getting ready to mow, planting and such. This one is lawns. I will do another one on gardening in a few weeks.

Icons - Bats
Bat Icons

Bats kind of creep me out but they are actually very helpful animals, and since its I #Bat appreciation Day I thought I would learn how to draw them. 


Faces 1 – more to come some time.  Faces are can frequently come in handy when sketchnoting 

Bike Icons
Bicycles – Day 13 oops

I love riding my bike, so celebrating #National Bicycle day. It has a weird tripped-out history; it started in 1943, but I am going with just celebrating the joy of riding.   So clearly I can’t count either. It’s day #13.

Creation Icons
Creation Icons

I thought I would revisit the Creation Icons from our study of Elohim.

Education Icons
Education Icons

 I know there’s no school, but it’s # National Kindergarten Day so we’re celebrating, cookies crayons, and afternoon nap time!  

Earth Day Icons
Earth Icons

It’s Earth day so I thought I would draw variations of the earth. In my sketchnotes I realize that I draw the world a lot, so it’s good to practice and have some interesting variations you can do quickly.

Tune in Friday at noon for a Facebook live where we will finish up our doodles of Remote Act of Kindness. I will be having the Facebook live on the Blessinks Page. on Friday April 24th at 2 pm CT.

Hope to see you there!


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