Last-Minute Doodled Paper Ornament Gift Box

NOEL Ornament Box

Color and or doodle up this gift box that doubles as an ornament. It can contain a truffle, cash or anything that works for you!

If you missed the gift bag challenge you can find it here. And here’s the link to the sharing journal.

Here’s a quick, fun and easy project that you can do or have the littles color for you. It’s a paper fillable ornament that you can do at the last minute or have ready for those unexpected guests who bring gifts… That’s always an awkward moment for me – you open the door and unexpected guests with a gift. I’m jazzed for the expected guests, but gift-giving a probably my second love language so not having one to give back is untenable for me – I get there’s no expectation, but it’s just who I’m wired.

Sneak around jingle somebody. I left this on someone’s door to bless them.


  1. Printable from the Blessinks Members Only Page (access this by signing up for my email and the link will be in the confirmation email).
  2. Scissors
  3. Markers, colored pencils, ink pens. 
  4. Thin Ribbon (about 18-22″)
  5. A treat for inside

Red bottoms and green tops or Green bottoms and red tops. I also did a purple and blue one that turned out nicely, but I forgot to get a pic!


  • Cut the ornament on the dotted lines.
  • Color in letters and the holly on the bottom. Be careful not to smudge your coloring. 
  • Fold along the lines of the triangles. 
  • Fold at the base of the triangles. 
  • Hole punch at the top of each triangle. 
  • String the ribbon through one hole and string the ribbon through the OPPOSITE triangle.
  • Then wrap the ribbon around to the adjacent triangle and loop the ribbon through the hole.
  • Continue to the opposite hole
  • Before pulling tight make sure the edges are even length. 
  • Add the treat to the triangle box. 
  • Loop the ribbon under the outside loop on the opposite edges. This will help the tips come together to form a nice triangle point at the top. 
  • Then tie one tie at the top to ensure the triangle edges closed for a tight tip at the top. Do not knot it. 
  • Then tie a knot at the end of the ribbon to create a loop to hang as an ornament. 
  • Repeat as many times as you like – gift often!


  1. Truffle – the Lindor full sphere truffles work great.  or any wrapped large single pieced of candy. 
  2. Small Toy – matchbox car
  3. Cash
  4. Key to a new car
  5. Earrings
  6. gift card
  7. earbuds
  8. Small picture
  9. an essential oil
  10. mini succulent plant

Ok, now it’s your turn. Show me what you did with your boxes and what you filled it with. You can post your work on the Sketchnote Boss FaceBook Group or the Bible Journaling for Non-Artists Facebook group. If you’re not a member, just ask to join and then post away.

Enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas. I am going to take a posting break.  Continue to post your stuff, but be sure to join me on January 1 with my plan for our group for 2020 and a new challenge.


In the meantime, your homework for our next challenge is to reflect on 2019 and recap your activity by the numbers.  Make a list and get ready for the next challenge.  Some examples of “by the numbers” would be: number of states you visited, pounds lost,  books read,  days worked, meals made, days spent with the littles, or days with your folks, bike rides, miles walked, people you blessed, times you were blessed…Also just be sure to list any big stuff you did – wrote a book, started a new job, started school……Have that all ready on January 1, 2020, and we’re going to start the new year with a challenge. 

Thanks again for all your positive encouragement and great posts getting out there and being a Sketchnote Boss!

Blessings, Marsha


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