Christmas Doodled Gift Bag

Bless someone by doodling a gift bag. When people see the time you put into their gift bag they can’t help but feel blessed.

Hi everyone,  today’s challenge is to use all those Icons on the list that was posted at the first of the month.  You can get it here if you are looking for the list.   Now that you have doodled lots of icons let’s put them into practice on something that is going to totally bless somebody.  You see, there are practical ways to use all these icons! Get a plain gift bag and draw icons on it; doodle it up!

Totally Bless somebody!

If someone doodled a bag for me I would keep it for a long time and find another use for it. OR it could be a back and forth bag.  Next year I could doodle the back and gift it back and then it could get gifted back to me the next year and so on……
I think if you doodled a bag and gave it to someone you would like to know better, investing the time in this gift would be a huge step forward. All the time you put into doodling a bag says that the recipient is special and you care about them.  So we all love our families, but I am encouraging you to reach out further and find someone who maybe is going to have a tough holiday and bless them. 


  1. Plain gift bag and
  2. Writing Utensils – possibly
    1. black marker
    2. colored pencils
    3. white chalk pencil

If you have a lighter background or a brown paper bag, using a black marker and white chalk pencil will create a bag with a lovely effect. If you have a white bag, using a black marker and red and green colored pencils will make it pop.  Or if you have a dark bag, maybe just drawing all the icons in white chalk pencil or marker will be just enough. 
I can wait to see your results in the FB group. 


The process to doodle the bag in the first image was to :

  1. Doodle the 31 days of Christmas Icons. 
  2. Next, doodle the icons on the bag. 
    1. Draw one icon and then turn the bag. Continue turning so the icons are sideways, at an angle, upside down….
  3. Fill up the front of the bag with icons. 
  4. Color the bag as you like.  If you have a brown paper bag you might just consider using a white chalk pencil. Use it sparingly. Don’t color every icon, just a few.  The white chalk pencil will really pop.
  5. Stuff with bright tissue paper and a gift. 
  6. Gift to someone and bless them. 

Or, another ideas would be to just doodle one big icon like the skates. This grandma did a skate for her granddaughter who ice skates.  

So the rules are? There are none! Just doodle a beautiful bag and go bless someone.   

Stay tuned tomorrow for a quick last-minute gift ornament.  

Blessings, Marsha


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