Christmas Cookie Sketchnote Recipe Exchange Book

Here’s our first annual Christmas Cookie Sketchnote Recipe Book. Recipe Exchange

I decided that since I am such a horrible cook, that I could start my own sketchnote recipe exchange and call it a Christmas Cookie exchange although we have more things that just cookies. I am most definitely better at sketchnoting recipes than making them! The Recipe Book is available here.

We have 9 yummy scrumptious recipes this year. I only kept the submission times open for a week. I think next year I will start calling for Sketchnoted Recipes in November.

I think this could be a fun project that grows every year!

I did two recipes, sugar cookies because of the Sugar Cookie Font I designed for the title page, and I did the Gooey Butter Cookie Recipe. Gooey Butterness originated in St Louis in the 1930’s or the 1940’s depending on what you read. Urban legend has it that a housewife making a cake messed it up and created the Gooey Butter Cake. This site had two stories about two German bakers who say they messed up a coffee cake in the early 1940’s and thus Gooey Butterness was invented. It’s an easy recipe and the sprinkles make it even more fun. Just FYI the dough needs to be in the fridge overnight. I got this recipe from Check out her site. She has some yummy stuff on there.

Let me know if you make any of these recipes and how they turn out. Thanks to all my Sketchnote Boss community members who submitted a recipe.


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