21 Day Sermon Sketchnote Boss Challenge – Day 21

Wow, you did it! You made it through the 21 Day challenge!

Hopefully, this challenge has increased your doodling skills and it has given you the confidence to use doodles in your sermon notes, and quite times. I hope you also find ways to use it in your everyday life, on your grocery list, meeting notes, or study notes. AND most importantly how can you use your doodles to bless others – through notes, invites, recipes, – the possibilities are endless.

Remember that we took this challenge to grow our visual skills. We have this vast capacity for learning a new way that most of us have not tapped into. When we are in the learning mode and can get our left brain and our right brain working together, we learn more deeply. The left brain, the logical part that is listening to the sermon is hearing and attempting to understand. The Right brain – the non-linear more creative side is doodling and also attempting to understand what we are hearing by doodling images writing

Please take the survey

Although these challenges are fun, let us not take our eyes off of the real purpose of using our visual skills to grow in our walk with the Lord and grow closer to Him. I’d like to know how to keep improving this process so if you have 5 minutes can you take this survey?

Did you take sermon notes this weekend at church? We visited my brother-in-law’s church on Sunday. Here are my notes from his sermon.

Now let’s celebrate!

Here’s a certificate of completion. I made one for you to put on the back of your 21 Day Sermon Sketchnote Boss Challenge and one for the first page of your Sketchnote book; you can use it wherever you like. You can make multiple copies and put one in all your notebooks. Because……… You can get the certificate on the Member’s Page or in the Facebook group.


I have one more announcement!

I have finally finished the Sermon Sketchnote EBOOK. The normal price of the EBOOK will be $9.95, but I am going to have it on sale for $5 through November 30th. There are several people who are taking this challenge outside of the US and shipping outside of the US is expensive – so now all of you who live elsewhere can have access to Sermon Sketchnotes, the EBOOK! For now, this is only available in my ETSY shop.

I cannot thank you for going on this journey with me. I am so impressed with all the creative posts I see in the facebook groups and in my email. You all have done a great job with the challenges. I love the little creative sparks where someone tries something at a different angle or size or color. This is a very creative group where we can all learn from each other.


The Sketchnote Boss Facebook group will continue! Occasionally we will have extended challenges, but I am going to post weekly challenges that are designed to further strengthen your skills, and more importantly deepen your walk with the Lord. For the rest of November, I will have two gratitude challenges. I will post the first one tomorrow and the second one next Monday. It is my goal to post the Challenges on Monday so you have the entire week to work on them.

I can’t wait to see what you all do with the Gratitude challenges


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