21 Day Sermon Sketchnote Challenge – Day 20

Today is our trial run so to speak. We are going to watch a video and sketchnote it. The beauty about a video is that you can PAUSE it or WATCH IT AGAIN. It’s a very safe place to practice. Today I picked a short TED talk by Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich. He’s a bee-guy and he talks about the why bees are so important. I picked this video for three reasons. 

  1. Bees are something are fairly easy to draw. 
  2. It’s a short talk 13 minutes
  3. It’s important to know about Colony Collapse. We need bees to survive. 
TED logo

What is TED?

TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. TED is a nonprofit organization whose tag line “ideas worth spreading”. Experts in the field of technology give speeches that last about 18 minutes. Studies show that people can absorb the most information in that time span. The talks range on just about every topic under the sun. Here’s a link to the 10 most popular TED talks if you want to practice more of your sketchnoting skills. Just a word of caution  – some of the topics are adult topics and many do not embrace the Christian World View, so be discerning. I just felt bees were a safe and important topic. 

How to approach this video

Click here to watch Why Every City Needs Bees video

There are many ways to approach this video. 

  1. You can watch it first and then sketchnote it the second time you watch it. 
  2. You can watch it and pause it to capture your notes and images. 

This talk does not follow the Number/Bullet points talk, so I separated my information with containers. I limited my colors to brown, red and green with a blue accent. I used markers for the colors. Make sure your markers don’t bleed through the paper if the back of the page is going to be important. 

I’m interested to see what you all do. Things that resonated with me may not resonate with you. This is an opportunity to listen and learn and sketchnote what really speaks to you. 

Can’t wait to see your stuff. 

Your assignment for Day 21 is to sketchnote the sermon this week and post it on page 21 of your Challenge workbook.


  1. Arrive early and sketch in the title if you know it, the place, date, and speaker. 
  2. Use very big letters for your titles, large letters for subheadings and normal letters for any text you may want to write. 
  3. Make fun and large numbers and bullet points to outline the information
  4. Add container boxes to separate the information and arrows to connect thoughts. 
  5. Add icons as they make sense. 
  6. The biggest thing to remember is to keep your pen moving. 


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