21 Day Sermon Sketchnote Challenge – Day 17

Welcome to Day 17

I must be hungry this week as we are still sketchnoting food. Today I want you to try a SIMPLE recipe. If you watched the Be The Light Bible Journaling Conference I shared the Benjamin Franklin Breakfast Bowl recipe. It is a very simple recipe I found on Foodwishes.com. I found a great cartoon of Ben and used kites for the bullet points. There were only 4 ingredients and 4 steps which also involved no cooking. 

Part of that recipe was to add granola so I decided to sketchnote the granola recipe. Here’s my offering for that. See what we are still using our sketchnote principles of visually organizing the page with a large title, medium subtitles and interesting, and eye-catching numbers and bullets. We add icons when it makes sense and we have an awesome sketchnote. 

Steps to sketchnote a Recipe

  1. Carefully select a recipe, think about the complexity of the recipe, the simpler and steps the better.
  2. Think about how you would doodle the final product.
  3. Plan out the numbers, bullets and other doodles that you might use. 
  4. Plan out the recipe on scrap paper in pencil. Allocate room for the title, the ingredients, procedure and an image of the final picture. 
  5. Pencil in the title, source and any other information like prep time, number servings….
  6. Write out the ingredients, and icons as it makes sense
  7. Write out the procedure and add icons as it makes sense. 
  8.  Complete the finished recipe image
  9. Ink and color to finish the recipe. 

Ways to use a Sketchnote recipe

  1. Give a family heirloom recipe for Christmas
  2. Sketchnote the main dish at a dinner party
  3. Use the sketchnote as an invitation to dinner
  4. Sketchnote a recipe as a thank you for a dinner party
  5. Have a sketching party and sketch while you cook

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for your sketch notes.


2 responses to “21 Day Sermon Sketchnote Challenge – Day 17”

  1. Do you have a pdf download for your sketch-note recipes above? Or is it okay to take a screenshot?

    1. Its ok to take a screen shot. Send me a link to the post. I’d love to see it!

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