21-day Sketchnote Challenge, Day 13

Day 13 Doodle your
shopping list

Day 13!

Today we are moving right along. Hopefully, all your great practice is giving you the confidence to doodle on more than just your sermon notes. My question today is where’s your space? Where do you complete this workbook or where do you do quiet time? I am struggling with that right now. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel we started last November and the sink is sitting in front of my quiet time-space. Hopefully, things will settle down and we can get things finished over the holidays. Leave a comment about your quiet time-space. 

To practice our elements we are focusing on containers today. As we take notes, putting our notes into containers helps our eyes organize the page. Containers help us distinguish between different types of information. At first, just draw boxes around the information. Remember to write first and draw the container later. Not everything needs a container, but a few containers help the eye organize the information. Containers can just be lines to help the eye see that the information is separated. The Sketchnote below you see there were two sets of four bullet points that I just separated by lines. I used a white chalk pencil to draw lines between the bullet points to create organization. 

In this sketchnote, you will see that I used circles and lines and call-out boxes to contain different thoughts. I used color to help the eye distinguish different thoughts. At first, just use lines and as you practice more you can get more creative with your containers – adding “taped” corners or a picture frame. 

The next challenge today is to draw things that you have recently purchased. Hopefully, your icon practice has given you the confidence to make simple drawings of the things you have purchased. Remember you can always to the Noun project for a visual hint on how to draw things. 

Can’t wait to see your stuff!


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