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21 Day Sketchnote Challenge Day 9

Today we are doodling a process, but before we get started I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love this group. You are women who love the Lord and you all are so affirming to each other. What a blessing you are to me. But with that said I know some of you have some major life challenges right now and it so tugs on my heart. I just want you to know that I pray for each of you every morning. So when life is being life, you can rest assured that you were prayed over today.

Day 9 21 Day process

Today’s challenge is a bit more difficult as I have asked you to doodle out a process using only a few words and communicate the process through your doodles. This is no easy feat. I had to really give this some thought – so if you need more time, don’t rush this. This isn’t a race, it’s about learning at your own pace.

When considering a process think about the steps and break it down into really simple steps. Keep your process simple. Consider doodling mailing a letter, making a phone call, taking out the trash… simple things with few steps. These would be good processes to start with. I decided to make a Girl Cheese sandwich. We call them girl cheeses as when my son was small that’s what he thought they were called. I keep my process to 4 steps. What do you think? Could your 12 year old follow this and be successful? If not, tell me how I could improve.

Girl Cheeses

Here are two more fun ways to get a process across with few words. The first picture is the check out process for an Air B&B we stayed in this summer. It’s a very fun way to explain things. The second picture is from my sister’s website. Paula MacMann takes ucky, dirty bike chains and recycles them, cleaning them up and making awesome jewelry from bike chains. At first, people were not getting that the earrings came from dirty bike chains so she had an illustrator, Paul Dillion, doodle the cleaning and finishing process. Her website is Chainspirations if you know an avid biker who would love some bike bling!

If you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you so I can help you in the process. Leave a comment in the FB group or email me at
Till tomorrow,

Chainspirations cleaning process
Check out procedures


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  1. Cathy Nason Avatar
    Cathy Nason

    Marsha how sweet it is that you pray over us each day — God bless your tender heart!

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