21 Day Challenge – Day 8

I have a dilemma

Before we talk about today’s challenge I need help with a little problem. The winner of my goodie bag from the Be The Light Bible Journaling Conference has never responded. So I have all these goodies in a box all wrapped up and no place to go! SOOOOOOOO this is what I came up with:

RE- Entry Procedures

TO be eligible for the give away you must have registered for the Be The Light Bible Journaling Conference.


  1. Leave a comment on the Day 8 Blog Post
  2. OR reply to the Day 8 email.
    1. comments and replies on other days will not be included in the new drawing.
  3. Respond by Saturday, Nov 2nd 11:59 PM CT
  4. Winner will be drawn on Sunday and announced on Monday.
Day 8

Today’s Challenge

Today we are going to practice more patterns and do a Dot alphabet. This is a whimsical alphabet used for fun. It works very well for kid’s projects. We are going to do some more work with paisleys to see how imaginative you can be with the paisley shape. And finally, we are going to work with some basic sketchnote elements – the arrows or connectors. These images help us connect two sections of your sketchnote or they show a flow of where to look next for the next topic. Here are some more paisley birds for your inspiration and practice.

Don’t forget if you want to be re-entered into the drawing leave a comment below or respond to the daily email for Day 8 ONLY. Do it today so you don’t forget!

Till tomorrow.


29 responses to “21 Day Challenge – Day 8”

  1. Betty Sight Avatar
    Betty Sight

    I’d like to be re-entered into the drawing 🙂

  2. Donna C Arthur Avatar
    Donna C Arthur

    Hi Marsha….
    This is my first response…as you have requested that we do to be entered into your drawing.
    I am learning so much from your emails and I sit every night, practicing what you are teaching. Thank you.

  3. Dianne Klein Avatar
    Dianne Klein

    I enjoyed, and learned alot from the conference. Thank you for you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for this challenge!

  4. Renee Whitener Avatar
    Renee Whitener

    I did attend conference and that is how I found you! I would be honored to receive your gift. Thank you!

  5. Shelly Gause Avatar
    Shelly Gause

    Thanks for the opportunity to be in this drawing again. The conference was amazing and your 21-Day Challenge is super good!

  6. Bev Wicher Avatar
    Bev Wicher

    Thanks for all you are doing

  7. Wendy Young Avatar
    Wendy Young

    This is so exciting!
    Marsha your so creative, kind spoken!

  8. Teri Page Avatar
    Teri Page

    Thank you Marsha for putting my name into the drawing for these awesome prizes! I love what you are doing for all of us!!!

  9. Mary Ann Bell Avatar
    Mary Ann Bell

    Have really been enjoying this 21 day challenge. The last couple of days been sick so it has been even more of a challenge but will not give up.

  10. Ruth Bevan Avatar
    Ruth Bevan

    This study is fun!

  11. Darlene Schmeckpeper Avatar
    Darlene Schmeckpeper

    I loved the Be the Light Bible Journaling conference and I’m loving this course! Thank you for offering it.

  12. Angela Robinson Avatar
    Angela Robinson

    I’m really enjoying this challenge, I’m a visual learner so I really think this is going to help me in my Bible study and taking notes. 🙂

  13. Joan FitzGerald Avatar
    Joan FitzGerald

    Really enjoying this challenge and stretching myself.

  14. Pamela Haley Avatar
    Pamela Haley

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time, talent, and treasure! God’s blessing to you!

    Also, I’d love to participate in this 21 day challenge but haven’t received an email.

  15. Carol Duran Avatar
    Carol Duran

    Loving the daily YouTubes and all of the wonderful encouragement.

  16. Hi! I commented on your day 8 YouTube video, but will do so again here — I have been taking sermon notes for the last couple of years, but decided I need some organization, so I was so excited to see your sketch-noting workshop at the Bible Journaling Conference. Just what I needed! Thank you for being a part of it!

    1. You’re in the drawing. Thanks for persevering through technology.

  17. Cathy Nason Avatar
    Cathy Nason

    Oh Marsha I love those little paisley birds so much — I had to print them and put them in my book — they make me smile 🙂

    1. They are so fun! Can’t wait to see yours

  18. The paisley shape looks fun to play with. Hope to get a chance today!

    1. I love the paisley although I don’t do them very often because they take a bit of time.

  19. Tina Stodola Avatar
    Tina Stodola

    Thank you for sharing your gift to channel God’s Spirit in & through us. Let us be His in our words, actions & thoughts…hopefully leading others to Jesus.

  20. Loving the challenge and would live to be reentered to the giveaway!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! You’re in!

  21. Cheryl Ann McCray Avatar
    Cheryl Ann McCray

    I love all things paisley! I look forward to being reentered into the giveaway. Thank you for the challenges and sharing your time and talent.

    1. You’re entered.

  22. I did sign up for the Bible Conference where you inspired me! This challenge is by far the most comprehensive action plan to setting aside fear and learning to doodle. You are a talented teacher and such a blessing! I look forward to your daily encouragement and enjoy how fast you ramp up the information with no fillers. You freely share valuable resources ie: noun project, name meaning etc. bringing incredible value to this challenge.

    1. Debbie

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really touched by your thoughtful comments!

  23. Deb Frank Avatar
    Deb Frank

    I am enjoying your challenge so much. I’ve fallen a bit behind, but I love that I have a weekend catchup. Please re-enter me into your giveaway. Thank you for all you do!

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