Sketchnote Boss 21 Day Challenge Day 6

Welcome back to Day 6. I think the weekend break was good to let folks get caught up. We’re easing back into the workbook with a few simple activities. Don’t get too comfortable because things are going to ramp up fast to have you apply all your new-found doodling skills outside of this workbook and into your everyday life. It is my purpose to challenge you and stretch those visual thinking muscles!

Day 6

Today we are going to work on spiral patterns, make more icons and make another list. Today we are going to write down our prayers.

  1. Write the title Prayer List using the centering technique we learned on Day 4.
  2. Choose a fun bullet point from your bullet practice on day 4 to start each line on your prayer list.
  3. Write out several prayers.
  4. Draw a icon for a few of your prayers. Keep your icons simple.

You’ll notice I centered the wrong R and had to improvise. I wrote List of Prayers in an effort to recover. Try to find solutions when things are perfect rather than redoing things

Here’s today’s video. Can’t wait to see your letters tomorrow!


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