21 day Sketchnote Challenge Day 1 -3

Oh my, how are you all doing with the 21-day challenge? There’s still time to join. You can get the workbook by joining my email list. The reply email gives you the link to the members-only page. The 21-day challenge workbook is on that page.

Hopefully, you have signed up for the email and downloaded the workbook. If you have not received a reply mail from me, check your spam folder and then shoot me an email at blessinks@live.com and I will look into it.

I literally thought that I might have 30 people participate in the facebook group. I am humbled by everyone’s positive response. Thanks for participating and thank you for allowing me to figure out the admin stuff as I go. I will post to the Facebook group, the blog, Youtube and my email every day. Hopefully, that covers everyone.

Pre Day

Here’s the video intro to give you the specifics on the challenge:

On day 1 you get to practice your block letters and do some hipped up jazzed up flowers and make a list of 30 icons you want to draw.

Day 2 you got to do some more letter practice and some scribble birds.

Day 3 gets a little more challenging as you get to practice lettering your name and then you get to draw an image that represents your name.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Till tomorrow…..




2 responses to “21 day Sketchnote Challenge Day 1 -3”

  1. Beverly Reynolds Avatar
    Beverly Reynolds

    I am doing the 21 day challenge but can’t connect with the FB site. Getting very frustrated. We are out camping and only have my phone. Will that work. I have the workbook downloaded but just using a notebook until we get home and get it printed.

    1. I am a doodler not a techie. I hope you are able to connect to the FB group. Can’t wait to see your stuff!

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