Sermon Sketchnote Willot Road Community Church

I haven’t post a sketchnote in a while and I’m excited to be able to start posting more regularly now. We have finished our time in Children’s Church, and are beginning to visit other churches to connect and create a bigger community in Christ. I’ll post more about 5:13 Ministries later.

Here are my Sketchnotes from Willot Road Community Church in St. Peters MO. Dr. Al Edney gave a great sermon on the Rapture. The church is studying revelations on Wednesday nights so this sermon series is to provide more context to the study. The congregation was warm and welcoming. I don’t think I have been hugged so much in one day. It was lovely!


This skecthnote was done on brown cardstock with black markers. I love the Tikky Graphic pens because they are very thick and show up better when posting. I used the .07 for titles and the .03 for the notes. I then used a white chalk pencil Faber -Castel Medium to highlight the notes. I used to carry a pack of markers, but I find that just the simplicity of a few pens just a little easier.

Anatomy of A Sketchnote

Here’s a break down of my simple sketchnote note. It takes a little practice, but the benefits are totally worth it. Look this over and then stay tuned for a long blog series on how to sketchnote.

Anatomy of a Sketchnote

Have you tried drawing in church? Stay tuned. I am working on a long series on how to sketch during your sermons!


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